The first two young cancer patients from Ukraine arrive in Bologna

With a flight from Poland, the first two small Ukrainian cancer patients landed last night at the Guglielmo Marconi airport in Bologna and will be treated at the IRCCS Policlinico Sant’Orsola. For days, in fact, the Emilia-Romagna Region has made available a total of twenty beds in the pediatric oncohematology wards to ensure health care for girls and girls suffering from cancer diseases of the hematopoietic system, such as leukemia, lymphomas, lymphosarcomas and reticulosarcomas. Two beds are also provided at the Piacenza hospital.

Last night a girl of only seventeen months arrived, accompanied by her mother and grandmother, and a girl of sixteen who arrived in Italy with her mother and her thirteen-year-old brother. To welcome them at the airport, a 118 team with three emergency vehicles.

The accommodation that hosts them was already ready for the family members, made available by the Ageop Ricerca association which followed the cases from the very beginning, coming into direct contact with the doctors who were treating the two young patients, with Caritas Ukraine and with Caritas in Poland, where the two families arrived without following the humanitarian corridors deemed unsafe. The girl comes from Kiev and reached the Polish city of Katowice with the family car driven by her mother, while the teenager fled with her mother and a brother on foot from Žytomyr, and then continued the journey by bus.

Coordinating the arrival of the girls from Poland was the Remote Central for Health Rescue Operations (Cross) headed by the Emilia-Romagna Civil Protection, while the AGEOP maintained relations with the families thanks to the bridge created by the Polish Caritas and by the Caritas still operating in Ukraine.

“The regional health service is ready to do everything possible to guarantee assistance and care to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war, starting with children – said the regional health councilor once again. Raffaele Donini-. Thanks to the Ageop association and its network of relationships today we are able to welcome the first two patients, but the doors of all the hospitals in our region will remain open to treat up to the last person who needs them. The drama that these families are experiencing is absurd and inconceivable, we can only stay close to them with all the means we have. We say our heartfelt thanks to Ageop, to Caritas, to our 118 service who moved quickly to organize this welcome. We are certain – concluded Donini – that here, as in all of Emilia-Romagna and in our country, they will find not only the best possible treatments, but also great humanity and great warmth “.

“It was a great thrill to see the plane land and embrace the families – commented the director of Ageop Ricerca Odv, Francesca Testoni -. I will not forget the words of the grandmother of the little girl of only 17 months who recognized me from her voice: ‘So you are the person who guided me on the phone during the stages of the journey’. Knowing them safe now is a great consolation, even if my thoughts go to all the children and their families who are still trapped by the violence of this crazy conflict ”.

The two patients treated at Sant’Orsola

The 16-year-old teenager was part of a group of five sick minors who had found refuge in the bunker of the Žytomyr hospital. Unfortunately, due to the worsening of the conflict, the traces of the other four children and their families have been lost. Her diagnosis, which had been sent along with that of the other children, was sent from the Žytomyr hospital to the Polish Caritas and immediately communicated to Ageop and Dr. Archangel PriestHead of Simple Structure for the transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells and Cell Therapy in pediatric age of the IRCCS Policlinico di Sant’Orsola.

The file of the 17-month-old girl was instead sent directly by the mother to the cell phone of Francesca Testoni, director of Ageop Ricerca, who sent everything to Dr. Arcangelo Prete.

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