The first white card in soccer is shown. We tell you when it is applied and what it means

For the first time in the history of football, a referee during a match showed a white card. the unusual fact it happened last january 21 during a female duel in which se faced Sporting Lisbon and Benfica.

In a football game we are used to seeing that the referees use the yellow and red cardsbut this time a judge ujust a white card.

The meeting corresponded to a match for the Portuguese women’s cup. There, before the end of the first half, Catarina Campos, judge of the match, showed a white card,

Why did Catrina Campos get a white card in a soccer match?

Shortly before going to rest, the referee in charge of the party realized that part of the medical personnel were treating a player who got sick on one of the benches.

The rapid action of the party paramedics did not go unnoticed. in that instant Catarina Campos, ran towards the health personnel and showed them something unusual specialists after having attended the person: a white card.

Showing a white card is an initiative led by the Portuguese Football Federation, whose main purpose is to recognize fair play during a match.

Unlike red and yellow cards, the white card seeks both to recognize and promote the actions of “Fair Play” that happen while a soccer duel is being played.

Catrina Campos thus became the first referee in the world to show a card of any color other than yellow or red. Traditionally, football cards are only shown when an act of poor discipline is demonstrated during the game, but it has already been seen that this can change.

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