The five Netflix series especially recommended for Virgo people

The four elements in astrology represent the way of behaving, thinking and feeling. Virgo people belong to the earth element. This gives them peace of mind and an innate ability to handle big responsibilities. Although they seek stability in their lives, they like to challenge themselves. When watching a series, they prefer intense plots that make them use their capacity for analysis, research and reflection. The suspense, police and unknown scenarios, are some of the biggest attractions when enjoying watching television.

Netflix offers many options to choose to this sign of the Earth element. His original productions feature stellar casts and creative ideas, capable of surprising his cunning mind. This platform of streaming It has police series, suspense, science fiction, drama, comedy, documentaries, horror and many more genres capable of entertaining one of the most demanding viewers of the zodiac.

Next, five Netflix series recommended for Virgo people.

This unitary production based on a true story, tells the story of Sophia, played by Britt Robertsonwho is a fashion lover vintage. However, he lacks a sense of responsibility and exhibits certain morally questionable behaviors. This character is playful and do not feel part of society in which he lives. She likes to stand out and live by her own rules, which often gets her into trouble.

Her passion is clothing and thanks to her great negotiation skills, she obtains unique pieces at unthinkable prices. Upon turning 20 and finding unemployed and bankrupt, an idea occurs to him. You plan to design a website to sell your collection wardrobe and make a big profit. But problems and debts will be some of the obstacles in this production that mix comedy and drama.

Manhunt: Unabomber trailer

Based on a true storythe first season of this installment of Netflix presents mystery, crimes, suspense and psychological tension in each of its eight chapters. The plot centers on an FBI team, which decides to summon a specialized criminologistto identify a fearsome criminal. This is a famous terrorist, called the Unabomber.

This fugitive was sending bombs from his cabin. The method was strange and innovative, since it chose letters as a form of delivery. From this, the agent will investigate this material and try to understand the mind of this murderer. The series mixes adrenaline, tragedy and drama in his episodes. The fear of not discovering the truth in time and the struggle of the police to catch the culprit, makes this production generate emotion and intrigue for Virgo people.

The Good Girls trailer

Starring Christina Hendricks, mae whitman, Retta Y Manny Montanais a crime comedy dramawhich presents great moral questions to its viewers. Three mothers from suburban America They are with big economic problems. While one has debts, another must pay for an expensive operation for her sick daughter.

In this way, they decide to steal all the cash collection from a well-known supermarket. Although this heist is successful, they will soon realize that they have inadvertently messed with the wrong people. They will have to deal with the pressure of a feared criminal, who will have them working for him, threatened with death. This is how they will start a chain of lies and crimes, which will affect their personal lives.

Designated Survivor trailer

With three seasons, this production starring Kiefer Sutherlandtells the story of Tom, a United States government official, who will face unforeseen challenges. From an attack as mysterious as it is tragicwhich caused the death of the entire government of that nation, Tom’s character discovers that he is the survivor appointed president.

In this way, will involuntarily become the greatest president of this country, having to face criticism and the imminent need to recover the terrible damage they have suffered. The plot shows the investigation into this crime, while the so-called President exercises his position and tries to lead his position despite criticism.

In this series, the mystery share screen with politics, romance, action and suspense. The tension increases and the viewer is confused as to who is behind this heinous crime, who is an ally and who is an enemy.

The Manifesto trailer

This production is in the top 10 of the most watched in Argentina, since the premiere of its third season. The plot narrates the mysterious landing of a plane in New York, which presents characters and stories full of mystery. Passengers disembarking from this ship will notice that are five years after the take-off date. They have traveled through time, in which the world is already advanced and with new realities to discover.

They will notice that their families and friends they believed them dead, therefore, they have continued their lives. The mysterious plot mixes science fiction, especially when its protagonists begin to hallucinate about situations that they think they have not lived. It has a cast made up of melissa roxburgh, Joshua Dallas, Athena Karkanis, JR Ramirez Y Moon Blaise. The premiere of a fourth season is expected, which will conclude with this incredible story.

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