The Flash: alleged movie plot leaks

The Flash, and its leading man, Ezra Miller, have been in the spotlight in recent weeks due to the shocking scandals surrounding the actor. Recently, it was reported that Warner Bros. would have made the decision to remove Miller from any future DC Films project for his unfortunate behavior. However, the premiere of Flash still standing by June 2023, with Ezra as the main star, and many wonder if the film will be well received.

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Although some fans have protested that Ezra is fired from the film, and rumors had circulated that the actor would be replaced by Grant Gustin or Dylan O’Brien, all plans remain intact, and everything indicates that DC Films will release the film without any modification. Certainly, the permanence of Miller within the DCEU after his crimes, he has displeased much of the public, and despite this disagreement, many still hope Flash with excitement, because this not only presents a time travel story with Barry in the lead, but also brings Michael Keaton back to the big screen as Batman, among other things that are quite exciting.

Now, it seems that the fans will not have to wait any longer to find out everything that the film will bring us, since the complete plot of Flash It would have been leaked today. A YouTube channel, which leaked accurate plot synopses for The Matrix Resurrections – 65% and Godzilla vs. kong- 85%, ahead of their respective premieres, have recently shared a full breakdown of what we’ll see in Flash. Below, we summarize the leak, read at your own risk.

After a terrorist attack, the criminals take refuge in a hospital; Flash (Miller), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Batman (Ben Affleck), team up to take down the bad guys, featuring a part of the Justice League in action. Barry and Wayne have formed a bond since his last appearance, and Barry tells the Dark Knight that he has a plan to free his father from prison and save his mother’s life: traveling in the weather.

Bruce warns his friend that doing so could have dire consequences for the universe, however, Barry, in his desperation to save his loved ones, ignores Bruce’s advice and ends up traveling back in time via Speed. Force. The hero arrives in the year 2013 and comes face to face with his past self, who has not yet received powers from him at that time. As it happens, this is the same day that the younger Barry gets the powers from him, so they head to the lab and prepare for the past version to be struck by lightning.

However, their plans go awry, because both Flashes are struck by lightning, and Future Barry loses his powers, though Past Barry still gains them. The problem now is that the Flash is stuck in the past. Future Barry knows that he has done things wrong, and decides to go in search of the Justice League to help him with his problem. All this is in vain, because at that time the League does not yet exist; Superman is in trouble with the US government, Wonder Woman is still on Themyscira, and all that is known about Aquaman is nothing more than hearsay.

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However, Bruce Wayne is active, so both Barrys decide to go see him. When they arrive at his mansion, who they find is not the Batman from Affleckbut to that of Keaton, who introduces himself as an old man with a gray beard and disheveled hair. The Barrys soon explain to this version of Bruce everything that has happened, and Batman concludes that the Flash, traveling through time, has broken the universe, so he is now in the wrong reality.

That day also coincides with General Zod’s first invasion of Earth. Michael Shannon is back as the Man of Steel villain, and both versions of Barry come to the conclusion that they need to find Superman before he’s handed over to his fellow Kryptonian, as Kal-El can help get Barry from the future. I returned home.

When Batman’s Keaton and the two Barrys arrive at the facility, where Superman was supposed to be, they don’t find him, but Supergirl. On their return journey, the heroes learn that Superman died on his way to Earth. However, his cousin arrived on the planet and General Zod’s mission remained the same.

The superhero team comes to the conclusion that they need to stop Zod and search for a way to restore future Barry’s powers. He regains his abilities after Supergirl takes him up into the sky and is struck by lightning. In the final battle, Zod is defeated, but Gotham’s Vigilante Keaton he is seriously injured and supposedly dies.

In the end, Barry realizes that in order to save his mother, all he has to do is remove all the cans of tomato puree from the convenience store she visits before she is killed, or else she would have to go somewhere else. place to get the product. As a result, his mother would not be cooking dinner at the time the killer attacked, preventing her death. However, Flash realizes that there is only one way to prevent a crisis in the universe, and that is for the death of his mother to occur. Barry makes the difficult decision to sacrifice his mother’s life to save reality.

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