The flu reappears with force in Castellón

It seemed that she had disappeared and no one remembered her anymore. The coronavirus destroyed everything. Preventive measures to avoid covid infections were also effective in relegating the flu to an inconsequential place last year. Health centers and emergency services they hardly saw cases of the seasonal virus par excellence during the winter. Undoubtedly, the vaccination campaign was effective, since an attempt was immunize the elderly against the two viruses. But, now, that little by little, thanks to immunization, the battle against the pandemic is being won, the flu is back causing a significant incidence in health care, stressing the system.

More cases of flu than covid

According to the most recent data from the Surveillance System for Acute Respiratory Infections (SiVIRA)the incidence of influenza is already greater than that of the coronavirus in the Communitywhere this indicator at a global level, including both viruses and the syncytial virus, which causes bronchiolitis, is located in the 1,300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. A record well above the national average, which marks 872.2.

Greater pressure at the health level

As Mediterráneo has been reporting, the rise in cases of respiratory pathologies is causing significant saturation problems in health centers and emergency services. A care pressure that the hospitals in Castellón that have had to deploy their contingency plans due to the increase in income have been transferred. For example, the General has transferred long-stay patients to the Hospital de la Magdalena in order to gain space. Intensive care units (ICU) are also in a compromised situation. And it is that, although hospitalizations due to covid remain stable around fifty, this does not happen with those of the flu, which causes acute pictures especially in the elderly that force their entry for proper supervision.

The highest risk groups

Although no person escapes suffering from the flu and its effects; high fever, malaise, muscle pain or headache, this pathology can cause complications in groups considered at risk. It’s about the Users of residences for the elderly and people with functional diversity, those over 80 years of age, including private mutuals, as well as those over 65. Below this age, those who have some risk factor are considered exposed. So is health personnel and pregnant women.

Lower vaccination coverage

Vaccination is recommended for these risk groups, although now Sanitat has already opened it to the entire population as long as an appointment is made at the health center. Just a few days ago the vaccination coverage was around 60% when the target set by Sanitat was at 75%. The president of the Valencian Society of Preventive Medicine and Public HealthJuan Francisco Navarro, has already warned on various occasions of the need to allocate more resources to increase the number of protected population against this seasonal virus. Similarly, the spokesperson for the Valencian Society of Family and Community Medicine Regarding vaccination, Dr. Germán Schwarz has repeatedly insisted that it is necessary in the first weeks of the immunization campaign bring the dose as close as possible to the populationavoiding some barriers such as having to make an appointment.

children are transmitters

Unlike what happens with the coronavirus, The flu does affect children significantly.which are one of the main transmitters of the disease. A worrying fact considering the direct contact that many of them have with their grandparents, who are a population at risk. Hence, pediatricians have been demanding vaccination in this group for years, which will arrive next season after the Public Health Commission approved expanding the child vaccination schedule to include dose between 6 months and 5 years. In the case of the province, it will reach more than 30,000 children. In any case, now it is also administered to minors considered at risk, that is, to those who have other pathologies or, for example, to those who are celiac, a circumstance that many parents are unaware of.

Covid is deadlier than the flu

During 2022, nearly 2,000 people died in the Community due to the coronavirus, while in the province, deaths from covid approached 300, according to the data provided by the Department of Health in the balance sheets that it publishes weekly. These are higher records than those recorded for the flu which, in 2018, one of the worst years in terms of lethality, left 253 flu deaths in the Community and 1,852 throughout Spain, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics.

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