the former actress explains why she retired from the stage

Cameron Diaz was a guest on the new talk show of Kevin Hart on Peacock, Hart to Heart, and indulged in some revelations about her decision to end her acting career. “When you do something at a high level for an extended period of time… you are the person who is talented… all the parts of you that are not have to be handed over to other people,” he told Kevin Hart. And as a result, he added, “every aspect” of his life has been managed by others, resulting in a somewhat unbalanced life.

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“Me as a human being – not me as Cameron Diaz, because Cameron Diaz is a machine – but for my personal and spiritual self, I was realizing that it was a bit like that part of me that worked at a high level wasn’t enough, ”the former actress revealed. While admitting that she loves acting and “could go on forever,” Diaz realized that her career was taking over all other aspects of her life because “it was so important.”

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“I really think it’s the people you have in your life that can help you keep things moving. And I’ve had some great people, and I’ve had some people who didn’t always serve my interests. But you don’t have time to figure these things out if you’re just going, going, going, going with blinders, ”he continued. Cameron Diaz needed to slow things down to regain control of her life: “My desire was only to have a life that could be managed by myself“, He explained,“ My daily routine is literally what I can manage on my own. That’s the best feeling. I feel complete ”.

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Cameron Diaz today: her career and family

Cameron Diaz, who turns 49 on August 30, started working as a model as a teenager and in 1994 made her big-screen debut with the film. The Mask – From Zero to myth with Jim Carrey. After that film her acting career took off and by the late 1990s she was writing in highly successful films such as My best friend’s Wedding, Everyone’s crazy about Mary, Vanilla Sky And Charlie’s Angels. Over the years he has worked with great directors such as Martin Scorsese And Ridley Scott; since 2014 she has no longer appeared in a film and in 2018 she formalized her retirement from the scene. In January 2015 Cameron Diaz married the musician Benji Madden; on 30 December 2019 the couple welcomed their first child, Raddix Madden, born through a surrogate mother.

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