The Francos join El Assir, an intimate of Juan Carlos I

The Franco family is about to become related to another common surname of today’s Spanish. Juan José Franco Suelves, third generation of the descendants of the dictator, second son of Francis Franco and María Suelves, has announced his engagement to Khaki El Assir, daughter of the socialite María Fernández de Longoria and the Lebanese businessman Abdul Rahman El Assir, a close friend of Juan Carlos de Bourbon. Juan José Franco Suelves dedicates himself to the organization of hunts.

The new generation of Franco continues to link the surname to names of other sagas of economic power. A) Yes, Juan Jose Franco Suelvesthird generation of the descendants of the dictator Francisco Franco announces her wedding with Khaki El-Assir, Lebanese businessman’s daughter Abdul Rahman El Assir intimate of Juan Carlos of Bourbon and fundamental name of the Spain of the ‘pitchball’, and of the socialite Maria Fernandez de Longoria. A union of once again glamor, money, great surnames and a peculiar way of understanding business shake hands.

The young man is the product of the marriage of Francis Francoeldest grandson of the dictator, with Maria Solvesdaughter of the Marquises of Tamarit, Juan José Suelves Ponsich and Victoria Eugenia Figueroa y Borbón. Francis and Maria they met in El Pardo in March 1974 on the occasion of his sister’s wedding mariola. In mid-1981 Francis left for Chile, where he devoted himself to real estate and construction businesses. There he was denounced for an alleged real estate scam with the company Prime II. Shortly after he returned to Spain and on December 18, 1981 he married María. Two years later he came into the world Francisco and in 1985 Juanjo. Francis and Maria’s marriage ended on unfriendly terms in the early 1990s.

Juan José Franco Suelves.

The two Franco Suelves brothers were implicated in the well-known “Panama Papers” affair. June 1, 2012 Francisco Franco Suelves and his brother, signed as directors of two companies at the same address in the British Virgin Islands: Vamfield Alliance Limited Y Malini Investments Limited. They both signed and handed over their passport to Mossak Fonseca, according to ‘The Panama Papers’. Malini Investments Limited was opened on October 13, 1997 and was active until September 26, 2013, although the total closure occurred in May 2014. On June 1, 2012, Juan Jose Franco Suelves signs as director of the company. “Franco III” signed on the same date as him as director of Vamfield Alliance Limited, in the same direction as Tortola Island. The company was active between 2007 and January 2013. He also sent his passport to Mossack Fonseca.

In October 2018 Francisco Franco Suelves ‘Franco III’ He married the American Lian Lay Fournier, an American who has integrated perfectly into the family’s life, on the family estate in Valdefuentes (Madrid). A wedding that, against the interest of the bride and groom, was ‘pink’ news in the media.

Juan José Franco, for his part, has followed one of the family traditions: hunting. through the company hunter which he created in 2004 and which organizes hunting in Spain, Africa and Argentina.

The Saga of El Assir

Abdul Rahman El Assir was born in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1947 and is the son of the poet Salah El-Assir and the singer siham rifci. He studied at the North American University in the Lebanese capital.

In his early years, there was nothing to predict that he would become a millionaire when he worked as a cultural attaché at the embassy of his country in Cairo (Egypt). Before this he was a member of the Iraqi leftist party Baas and was even linked to the assault on the Saudi Arabian embassy in Beirut perpetrated by this group in 1974.

His life changed in 1976, when he married Samira Khashoggiten years older than him and sister of the famous arms dealer Adnan Khasoggiwho was editor of the women’s magazine Alsharkiah published in Cairo. His brother-in-law Khasoggi owned the company International Triad, located in Luxembourg, which once had 39 offices. They were married in Cannes (France) with the presence of the Hollywood star Rachel Welch.

Adnam Khasoggi.

He arrived in Spain with his brother-in-law and began his brilliant career in business as soon as Franco died. He would soon establish contacts with businessmen close to Spanish power, such as Enrique Sarasol either Jacques Hachuel. In 1977 she started working for Alkantara Iberian Exportslinked to Manolo Prado and Colon de Carvajal and that served to unite business between the Spanish Government and Khashoggi.

The company was domiciled in Cyprus and was owned by the Spanish company FOCOEX (Promotion of Foreign Trade) and the INI (National Institute of Industry). On the Spanish side, the one who controlled everything was the intimate of King Juan Carlos I, Manolo Prado and Colon de Carvajal. The first big business of the company was the sale of SUVs to Egypt for 1,000 million pesetas in 1980. However, the lack of payments from the Central Bank of Cairo reduced the benefit to 500 million pesetas.

El Assir thus begins his ascent in the circles of power in Madrid. S was going to live in Madrid in an apartment in the El Viso area that he rented from the construction businessman Anthony Garciaactress’s father Ana Obregon. In those years, he worked for Alkantara at Paseo de la Castellana, nº 91, in a building of more than 1,000 square meters in which the Spanish headquarters of Triad, the company of his brother-in-law Khasoggi, were also located.

It was through his brother-in-law that he agreed to Borja Prado and Colon de Carvajalwho worked at Triad, son of Manolo Prado de Colon y Carvajalthe businessman of King Juan Carlos I. The link with Zarzuela was thus established.

But with Moncloa, in the years of Government Philip Gonzalezwould also have a fancy introducer: Enrique Sarasola Lerchundi. These were important years for El Assir, who even bought a villa for six million dollars in the luxurious Madrid neighborhood of El Viso. Very soon his life would take a great leap.

Radical turn in his life

It was in 1985 when he divorced Samira Khashoggi, after meeting Maria Fernandez de Longoria who at that time worked as a telephone operator in the Triad company. Fernández-Longoria was the daughter of a former head of Spanish diplomacy in France who was later appointed ambassador to Cairo (Egypt), Carlos Fernandez-Longoria.

His sister drink was married to Jose Luis Alcocer and was in his day secretary of another great friend of the albertsthe late businessman Enrique Sarasola Lerchundi. In fact, it was Pichirri Sarasola who facilitated the Cortina and Alcocer family their definitive leap to financial stardom during the government stage felipista. Today, Beba is romantically linked to Charles Perreauwho was the son-in-law of Jose Maria Ruiz Mateoswhom he accompanied in his foray into the political world as a deputy in the European Parliament.

Maria Fernandez de Longoria and El Assir.

In 1986, his ex-wife committed suicide in Cairo and, at the same time, Khashoggi lost favor with the Spanish power in the arms deals after his involvement in the IrangateUS arms sales scandal to Iran. It was then, when El Assir, with his company Excel, began to fly alone. He did business, such as selling in 1987 to Hassan II’s Morocco, which was going through a time of harsh confrontations with the Polisario Frontarmored vehicles for more than 40,000 million pesetas. Some media spoke of almost 8,000 million pesetas of commissions for El Assir in that decade of the 80s.

But his star did not go out with the fall of Felipe González from the Government of Spain. Proof of this is that he attended the controversial wedding of the daughter of another president of the Government of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar with the commission agent Alexander Agag held in El Escorial in 2002. Also in 2016 the wedding of his daughter Alia Maria El Assir Fernandez-Longoria with Hugo Linares Espinos in Switzerland it was a concentration of powerful names and surnames. She was attended from the aforementioned Ana Aznar until Tamara Falco.

Today, Interpol is looking for him in Abu Dhabi where his great friend King Emeritus Juan Carlos I resides, with whom he shared good times in the 80s and 90s.

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