The future of Pokémon GO when there are no more Pokémon to come

Niantic has never hidden that have many plans for the future Pokémon GO. The developer of this and other experiences such as Pikmin Bloom, although the latter does not finish starting, it began to gain popularity thanks to its proposal with pocket monsters. Using augmented reality, the mobile application would allow us capture our Pokémon in real environments. But what will happen when there are no more Pokémon to add?

This question, more common for many players than we think, was addressed by Niantic in mid-October 2021. Philip Marz, an employee of the developer, chatted with Eurogamer for try the near future of the application. And, as you will see below, he made it clear that Niantic has many plans in mind when the Pokémon run out.

We have a number of different initiatives to keep the momentum going and make of Pokémon GO a game that lasts for the next 10 or 15 years. Who knows, really, but I think our journey over the last 5 years has put us in a good position to continue that momentum.

From these words, which we already collected in October 2021, we can extract that Niantic glimpses the future of Pokémon GO until 2030 or beyond. In addition, Michael Sterenka, another member of the developer, wanted to add more meat on the grill and completed Marz’s statements with the illusion that it is for the team to work on a license like this:

To be able to work on a game like this for the last five years is a fan’s dream. Pokemon came true. And to be able to see the future, what we have planned, and know that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the game and its vision is something that personally excites me a lot.

Thus, from this we can deduce that, as the members of the company themselves confirm, the plans with Pokémon GO they are tremendously ambitious. However, a doubt is still in the air that corrodes more than one player concerned about the possible stagnation of the title: what does the future hold Pokémon GO when the creatures run out?

The possibilities of augmented reality

In that same interview, both Sterenka and Marz talked about augmented reality and its possibilities. Pokémon GO, at present, is one of the applications that has made this technology most profitable. From its beginnings until today, the license has been characterized by gain new users that increase the player base. This, in other words, means that More users arrive at the Niantic title than those who are lost.

Thanks to this condition, the license has managed to carve out a certain status and has risen as one of the most popular applications on the mobile market. In fact, it is common to find it month after month among the most downloaded. But, if for something this state of grace has been done, it has been for its ability to combine the possibilities of Pokemon with those of augmented reality. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of traveling to the world of pocket creatures and capturing their favorites?

Aware of these virtues yet to be exploited, Niantic employees refer to possible ideas that could be addressed in the future. Among these, for example, is “use a 3D map of the world”, something that “all gamers of Pokémon GO they will worship.” However, it is not expected to arrive soon since the members of the developer point out that they have yet to fully update the concept.

That possibility, for example, would allow some Pokémon to feel even more alive in the environment. If they are aware of the 3D shapes of the places where they appear, there could be situations where, for example, surround buildings or enter premises. These advances, now unthinkable, may become the future of a game that aims to continue offering content for more than a decade.

The future of Pokémon GO also goes through events

Since its inception, Niantic has implemented measures and mechanics that have added value to the overall game experience. in its dawn, Pokémon GO it was a proposal in which the priority was to capture as many creatures as possible. Since then, factors such as teams, battles and eventsvery familiar situations today that more than five years ago were unimaginable.

The latter, the most active along with the fighting, are currently the sauce of the game. With few exceptions, Pokémon GO always has some event active that will reward us for our performances. Thus, these will ask us to perform tasks such as capturing X Pokémon of a certain type, masterfully launching when catching or winning a certain number of battles. The possibilities, with all the Pokémon and situations that exist, are endless.

Thanks to the events, the Community days and the necessary cooperation between teams, Pokémon GO has strengthened its relationship with its users. Without these measures, today inseparable from the proposal, who knows what the current state of the game would be. It would certainly not come remotely close to the overall experience of which today many millions of users enjoy of all the world.

And you, where do you think the future of Pokémon GO? Do you think they will take advantage of the possible advances in augmented reality? We read you in the comments.

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