The future Terminator according to an AI

Although a future Terminator remake is uncertain, an Artificial Intelligence reimagined the most famous saga and proposed Dwayne Johnson as the T800, Tom Holland as John Connor and Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Sarah Connor.

He was in charge of illustrating each of the characters, showing how they would be if they were playing their role, in which he drew The Rock on the famous black motorcycle firing a machine gun.

Terminator, a famous science fiction franchise that has spawned a large number of movies, television series, comics, video games and other related products, revolves around humanity’s fight for survival in a future dominated by machines.

Its protagonists, the T-800 and Sarah Connor, are iconic. In addition, the performance of the actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

The technology used in the films of this saga was considered revolutionary, as were its special effects.

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Sarah Connor is a waitress who becomes the leader of the human resistance when she discovers that her son, John, will be the savior of humanity in the future. And the robots, or Terminator, are sent from the future to kill Sarah and John, the protagonists must fight against them to save humanity.

Jason Momoa, famous for starring in Aquaman, would be a T800, according to ChatGPT, due to his physical presence and skills in action movies.

For the role of Sarah Connor he proposed Charlize Theron, due to her experience in action movies and her ability to play strong and determined characters.

And for the role of John Connor, he indicated that Finn Wolfhard would be a good choice because of his talents as an actor and his ability to play brave young characters.

Sarah Connor as Emily Blunt, for her ability to play strong, independent characters in action films and her expertise in science fiction, such as Edge of Tomorrow.

And lastly, John Connor, according to intelligence it would be Tye Sheridan, for his performance in the movie Ready Player One and his ability to play young characters with a great sense of determination and leadership.

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