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There is less left for us to hear the new from Ed Sheeran, and we are looking forward to the day. Now the redhead has wanted to put his followers to the test to find out if they are big fans of his music and if they remember the titles of his famous songs by perceiving them through simple emoticons or if they have simply listened to some of his most mythical songs.

Ed is taking a break until 2023, which is when he will continue the tour of ‘Mathematics Tour‘ and we will also have a new album, so don’t be scared if you see that all of our redhead’s social networks have been deactivated.

Now he has launched a tweet that his fans liked a lot in which he said “Ed emoji song quiz part 1… ”, and has left 4 options with different emojis for his fans to try to guess what the titles of one of his songs are.

His followers have taken very little time to guess the titles, and would you know how to answer?

What we know about the next album

There are still months ahead for his new project to see the light: ‘Abstract‘. After much speculation about the name he would give it, the doubt was cleared up and he confirmed that he continues with that line of mathematical formulas to name his projects. He confirmed this in an interview in which he also explained that the album would be ready next year. Information that they delved into from the sungoing one step further to ensure that it will be in the summer of 2023 when this happens.

It is also known that it will be a collection of very reflective themes with which to plunge into the depths of his current life. Because that’s what it’s going to be about: an intimate and personal portrait to learn the ins and outs of that routine that has changed her considerably since her son arrived. Not only that, but the names of four of the songs that will be part of that long-awaited ‘tracklist’ are already on the table: ‘saltwater‘, ‘boats‘, ‘eyes closed‘ Y ‘Dusty‘.

Do we want to know more? Well there is. Apparently there will be a production loaded with creativity, since he will record ten of the video clips of the songs on this album in the English countryside. United, they will tell a single story. A trend that we have seen here in Spain thanks to a young talent like David Busquets. A way to unleash that creativity in a more detailed and sustained way that, in the case of Sheeran and as he has been demonstrating for years, is more than proven.

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