The Garcías, ready to fill Telepacífico with Caleño humor

Starting Monday, May 2 and running through June 6, the regional channel Telepacífico will bring its viewers, from Monday to Friday at 3:30 pm, Los García, a funny story that narrates generational clashes within families, but where in the end the voice of experience ends up imposing itself.

The stars of this comedy are the Garcías, a Cali family made up of grandparents José Gregorio and Rosa María —played by veteran actress Vicky Hernández—; the children, José Rubén and Julián; and the grandchildren María Katherine, María Concepción, José Raúl and María Dolores.

Unexpectedly, the loss of José Gregorio occurs, an event that triggers tensions between the children and grandchildren, as some will want to take advantage of the situation to share the house that the deceased left as an inheritance; the foregoing without the authorization of Rosa María, who has taken over as the first authority of the family in the absence of her husband.

This new entertainment alternative will be repeated on Sundays at 9:00 pm, starting on May 8. In addition to the participation of an acting icon such as Vicky Hernández, Los García also features performances by outstanding talents from the region such as John Alex Castillo and Martha Isabel Bolaños, among others.

Los García was directed by Carlos Julio Ramírez Galvis and produced by Viviana Arboleda Ponce, in addition to having the collaboration of Televicentro del Valle SAS, Tango Films SAS, Origen Comunicaciones SAS, among others.

Characterized by very different personalities, this family is involved in a series of situations that endanger their heritage and to save the house, which is everyone’s home, the grandmother takes the reins in order to resolve these conflicts.

This new role of Rosa María confronts her relatives between those who think it is time to put her aside and those who believe that their knowledge and experience acquired thanks to hours and hours of watching soap operas should be used, the same ones that in the end uses to find ways out of family messes in a unique and fun way.

For Ricardo Bermúdez, manager of Telepacífico, these types of bets by the regional channel are very important. “A production like Los García helps boost the region’s talents and industry, while also positioning it as a leader in the Colombian audiovisual sector.
In addition, it serves to offer our viewers fresh, innovative content that connects us with our identity and values”, the executive points out.

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