The gesture of Ana de Armas that reveals that she fell in love with Marilyn Monroe, one of her greatest challenges

There are only a few weeks left until the premiere of Blonde, but the film directed by Andrew Dominik causes a lot of expectation from the first preview, in which it was finally possible to see the cuban actress Anne of Arms characterized as Marilyn Monroe, the icon of American culture. Beyond criticism about her accent or comments about how incredible her characterization for the role is, the actress shows that playing the diva has left a deep mark on her, at least that’s how she showed it in her recent network posts. social and with an Instagram story that showed how much he got into his character.

This August 5 is an important date for fans of the emblematic American actress, since it was a day like today 1962 when Marilyn was found passed out in her bed. Next to her was a bottle of sleeping pills, and when the authorities arrived, there was nothing else to do, they declared her dead. Today marks one more anniversary of that day on which Norma Jean Baker, the real name of the 36-year-old star, committed suicide.

Anne of Arms She did a deep investigation, she herself revealed the details of her preparation in various interviews. The production team saw dozens of photographs in order to recreate the contexts and historical situation for the film, while she reviewed documents to decipher the woman considered one of the most important “sex-symbols” in history. For all these reasons, this date did not go unnoticed and in her Instagram stories, with a red heart, shared a picture of Marilyn looking flawless under an umbrella.

The gesture of Ana de Armas on this special day by Marilyn Monroe
The gesture of Ana de Armas on this special day by Marilyn MonroeAna de Armas/Instagram

That photograph would correspond to the film The Misfitswhich in its title for Latin America was called The misfits, a film that was recorded in black and white and that premiered in 1961. It was directed by John Huston, with a screenplay by Arthur Miller. The film starred Marilyn Monroe who shared credits with Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, Thelma Ritter, and Eli Wallach in the lead roles.

The central argument takes place in Reno, Nevada, where Roslyn (Marilyn Monroe) has just been divorced. When her friend tries to cheer her up and invites her out for a drink, she meets two friends at the bar, with whom she spends a few days at one of their half-finished houses. Nevertheless, the two men fall in love with her and show the worst of their personalities.

Ana de Armas seems to have given proof that she did study all the details, since this film is considered “cursed”, for being the last film by Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, who later had tragic outcomes.

Netflix presents the preview of Blonde, starring Ana de Armas

After the trailer came out last week, some voices pointed against Ana for her accent and pronunciation, with comments that even touched on intolerance and xenophobia. However, some defenders soon came out with great weight when it comes to the film industry. The firm Authentic Brands Group (ABG), owner of Monroe’s image rights, argued in favor of her. “Any actress who plays that role knows that she has very high standards. Based on the trailer alone, it seems that Ana was a great choice, because it captures Marilyn’s glamour, humanity and vulnerability.”

Also Brad Pitt joined the defense front. His Plan B company was the one that co-produced the film. “We had been working on it for 10 years, but it was not until we found Ana that we were able to advance to the finish line. It’s phenomenal in her, ”he declared to Entertainment tonight.

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