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The love story of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III was summarized in a heavy 314-page document who transcribed thousands of text messages from their cell phones. They met in 2012 and developed a relationship through those devices that later deepened when they saw each other in person a couple of times. However, Roy III was a depressed boy, with health problems and low self-esteem. The messages of love from him and the description of his routine soon gave way to conversations in which Roy told him that he wanted to die.

The pages of those interactions revealed a Michelle who seemed to goad him into taking his own life. “You must do it, Conrad” was just one of the most shocking sentences of the written summary, which ended up on a court table in which the girlfriend occupied the chair of the accused in 2017 and faced trial and was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Roy ended up taking his own life in 2014 (by inhaling carbon monoxide inside his black Ford F-150 truck), and a year later Michelle Carter was taken by the authorities as a suspect in the crime.

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The media painted this situation in a one-dimensional way: she was the black widow, a young manipulator, and he was the victim, but we don’t get to know more about both.

The idea of ​​inciting suicide via text messages became the talk of the media and debated in some legal circles. It wasn’t just a case of love gone bad, linked themes related to psychological conflicts, adolescents and even the dangers of technology. In 2019 HBO premiered the documentary I love you, now die: The Commonwealth versus Michelle Carter, which showed the details of the case, the trial and the conflicts of the young couple involved.

In that production there were moments like the one in which she would have insisted that he not regret ending his life at a time when the young man was undecided and decided to get out of the car. It was again a topic of conversation and the seed to turn it into a series.

The Girl from Plainville

In The Girl from Plainville, the actress achieves a great physical resemblance to the character who lived the experience in real life.

Actress Elle Fanning was 19 years old when she heard about the case. Like most Americans, the star who in 2017 shone with films like How to Talk to Girls at Parties and risked becoming the writer of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, in a film of the same name, was shocked. And now she had the time and ability to learn other details of the case, taking on the role of the condemned in The Girl of the Plainville, inspired by an article about the case that appeared in Esquire magazine with a narrative that aims to explore other grounds within the story of Carter and Roy.

The series, which premieres this Sunday on the Starzplay streaming platform, relive the love story and the emotional conflicts that led to the tragedy. Fanning, who recently dazzled as Catherine II of Russia in the series The Great, makes an interesting leap from a story of an almost punk queen, but from 1792, to a contemporary teenager.

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The camera focuses on the almost expressionless face and stays for a few seconds on the protagonist’s blue eyes, which seem to want to jump out of their sockets. ANDBetween despair and a possible emotional disconnection from events, the Michelle Carter of fiction seems to have more nuances than simply being the bad guy in the story. “The media painted this situation in a one-dimensional way: she was the black widow, a young manipulator, and he was the victim, but we didn’t get to know more about both of them, to know a little more about their history. When they called me to do it and be an executive producer, I was hesitant at first, but I decided to do it because I felt that we could tell this story in an unbiased way and touch on a very relevant topic: technology and the false intimacy that it creates for everyone ” Elle Fanning assured in an interview with Variety magazine.

Actually, The Girl of the Plainville feeds on the tension of the case, the incredible makeup work to make the actress almost a clone of the true protagonist of the story., but the series does not get caught up in the legal battle or the lurid data that was recorded on the phone screens. It tries to give a context to the emotional (and mental) fragility of the protagonists, and is visually and narratively more creative within that subgenre of true cases made into fiction. There is an intention to humanize the characterswithin a context in which hardly anyone interacts face to face, but develops their social interactions through a screen that is not capable of interpreting or revealing pain, anguish or emotional imbalance.

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Elle Fanning had no contact for the development of her character, the actress thought that it was not appropriate and decided to build it from her own work, taking into account elements that she assimilated from the documentary and from other sources. The young woman outside of fiction served a one-year prison sentence in Bristol County (Massachusetts) and he is on probation until August 1 of this year, at which time he cannot have any type of benefit with his case.


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