The Girl from Plainville: The Series with Elle Fanning on Starzplay

Guilty or innocent? The Girl from Plainville contemplates that very question, one that shook the United States in 2014 and was brought to the small screen through the original production of Hulu. Through this question, the minisere takes us back eight years to the life of Michelle Cartera young woman accused of involuntary manslaughter after the suicide of her boyfriend.

To tell the truth, the case was so notorious in the United States that it opened up a whole debate about an unprecedented trial and sentence. But, before getting ahead of what happened in real life, the series starring actress Elle Fanningwraps us in a true true crime plot and stands out as one of the most famous series this summer 2022.

The Girl from Plainville is the series based on the real life case of Michelle Carter. Hulu.

What is the true story of The Girl from Plainville?

On June 13, 2014, Conrad Roy He was found dead in his truck. Following investigations in Massachusetts, United States, local police concluded that the 18-year-old had committed suicide by asphyxiation with carbon monoxide. Michelle Carter, 17, and his girlfriend at the time, had a long-distance relationship with the young man, after meeting in 2012 on vacation in Florida. The investigation was about to conclude after determining that Roy suffered from anxiety and depression, however, after reviewing the young man’s cell phone, they managed to find messages between Roy and Carter, where encouraged the young man to commit suicide.

Who is Michelle Carter?

The investigation carried out by Esquire, and on which this new series is based, discovered several messages in which Roy told Carter that he had suicidal thoughts, while the 17-year-old suggested various ways to commit it. In February 2015, Michelle Carter was charged with involuntary manslaughter and was put on trial and found guilty until August 2017 to be sentenced to prison for 15 months. Carter served 11 months of her sentence and was released for good behavior in January 2020. Now 25, Micheller Carter has kept a low profile and is on probation until August this year, preventing her from benefiting from any benefits. publicity that your case may have (up to that date).

Where to watch The Girl from Plainville?

The Girl from Plainville It is a Hulu original production, so it will be seen on that platform in the United States. However, for Latin America, the distribution of this limited series passes into the hands of StarzPlay.

When does The Girl from Plainville premiere on Starzplay?

The July 10th The Girl from Plainville hits the small screen Latin America and Europe, hand in hand with the digital platform.

Elle Fanning and Colton Ryan star in Hulu’s true crime as Michelle Carter and Conard Roy.


The Girl From Plainville cast

Elle Fanning

The young actress who shocked us in Babel, by Alejando Gonzalez Iñarritu, and recently won us over in The Great (also by StrazPlay), as Catalina la grande, will be Michelle Carter.

Chloe Sevigny

The Girl From Plainville joins the long filmography of the American actress. The Oscar nominee and winner of the Golden Globes, she will be lynn roymother of Conard Roy.

colton ryan

The actor known for the famous Broadway play, Dear Evan Hansen, will be the one to play ConardRoy.

The Girl from Plainville trailer


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‘She told him to do it, she encouraged him,’ says a police officer at the beginning of the official advance. Everything, while we are developing a plot that shows the two parts of the story. The police version, about the intention of Michelle Carterand the other with Elle Fanning playing Carter trying to prove his innocence.

How many episodes does The Girl from Plainville have?

The Girl from Plainville It will be, in short, one of the stories of the summer and will be seen throughout 8 chapters.

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