“The goal is to win and qualify”


Diego Vazquez gave his first statements as coach of the Honduran National Team, making clear a single objective for the commitments of the League of Nations: win.

In the words of the Argentine helmsman in the Fútbol a Fondo program, he denoted his enthusiasm for the role he will have at the helm of the “H”.

“We come with great enthusiasm to offer a coaching staff, I don’t really like the word -work- because this is a pleasure for us, I like to rehearse and give my best.

Regarding the details of his contract, he did not provide many details and only limited himself to expressing that “we come to rehearse and play these games, but it is something that I cannot say much because it is not yet concrete”, although it is clear that the Selection Commission bet on an interim technician, only for three games.

And he added: “The goal is to win and qualify, the selection comes from a not very positive process of losing a lot; our message is to win, the only thing we think about is Curaçao on day 3 and all our minds are focused on Curaçao and then Canada, that is the reality”.

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Vázquez showed confidence in himself and his coaching staff (Ninrod Medina, Javier Núñez and Patricio Negreira) for greater knowledge of Honduran soccer, according to him, unlike the last coaches such as Fabian Coito and Hernan Gomez.

“I know more than those who were, without speaking ill of those who were before. For example, him Bolillo Gomez He came and I can assure you with great respect that he left without knowing Honduran soccer”, he released.

The former Motagua helmsman is clear that he must form a winning team, one where legionnaire soccer players are not labeled as ‘saviors’, but as players who come to contribute to the team with their roles and talents.

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”For the legionnaires, we must create a good environment, that they are well surrounded so that they come and demonstrate their talent and develop it. So that they don’t believe that ‘pill’ that I am the savior and I come on a white horse. That has to change, we have to be positive. No one will come to save us, we have to sell them that there is a team; each one has to give the best of his role, ”he declared.

Honduras start the League of Nations next June 03, 06 and 13 before Curacao and Canada. According to Vázquez himself, there is a possibility that he will play some friendly matches in the second half of the year.

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