The gods will be furious that you leaked the plot of Shazam! two

Shazam sequel plot leaked! and neither the wisdom of Solomon nor the strength of Hercules can prevent it… you know how it goes

Maybe it’s not a movie with as much hype as Thor: Love and Thunder partly because there is still a long way to go before its premiere and that of Marvel Studios It’s just around the corner, but we can’t deny that Shazam! fury of the gods It’s one of the upcoming dc projects which seem more interesting.

As is usual, Warner Bros. It has already carried out several test passes to polish the sequel, and some of the attendees have taken the opportunity to leak the argument on the Internet. We do not know if everything that we are going to tell you next will end up being seen on the screen, but we have to warn you possible huge spoilers.


Shazam! Leaked Plot Details fury of the gods

The sequel begins with billy batson turning 18 and wondering about his future and if he will still have a place in his adoptive family. The Shazam Familyfor its part, has been saving lives for a few years, although public opinion seems to be divided in a similar way to how it was perceived Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The magician is back and warns Billy that they need to get serious about being heroes and says that it’s time for Shazam to step up as leader. Later, Billy believes that he has met his beloved, wonder-womanso that she turns around and has the face of The Wizard (it may seem like a weird gag, but it will be important later).

the character of Rachel Zegler She is, in fact, the sister of the wait of Helen Mirren and of the Calypso of Lucy Liubut make friends with freddy freeman when it arrives on Earth. Both end up being kidnapped, and we learn that the sisters have stolen an artifact that can power the staff that was once used to kill Atlas. The Greek god doesn’t appear in the film, but she is his father, and both Hespera and Calypso want revenge on anyone with Shazam’s power, since a previous Shazam dealt the killing blow to his old father.

Lucy Liu is Calypso in Shazam Fury of the Gods

As Billy and his companions spring into action to save Freddy, it is revealed that Calypso is the true villain of the sequel and the driving force behind this mission. (with her sisters forced to accompany her). Finally, Freddy is rescued and Shazam, with the help of a magic pen named “Steve”manages to contact Hespera in an effort to call a truce.

Shazam and Hespera talk and the latter reveals that she does not want to be part of Calypso’s plan; she simply wants to honor her fallen father. the villain arrives mounted on what is described as a “dragon-like” creature, attacking Shazam and his own sister. The rest of Billy’s family shows up, helping him finally realize that they really care about him (It seems their adoptive parents are involved as well, so they presumably know what the kids have been up to.)

Helen Mirren as Hespera in Shazam Fury of the Gods

Calypso kills Hespera and Billy goes to confront the villain. It is at this point that the film takes an unexpected turn, and the battle begins at a nearby baseball stadium, the setting for Calypso to an attack that will devastate the Earth. Billy confronts the villain and tells her that she is going to give her all in this fight because she will do anything to protect the family from her. This is a major turning point for Shazam, as matures and learns to find acceptance from his adoptive parents and siblings.

However, as Billy matures, so do his powers. It seems that, as Shazam! fury of the gods As you progress, new levels of power and abilities are unlocked, leading to an epic battle between the dragon and Calypso. As it charges to almost unbelievable levels, they both touch the staff and it destroys, meaning the good guys win.

Marvel and DC Comics

However, Billy also dies. It seems that the destruction of the staff kills him as well, which means that this film ends with a heroic sacrifice and the death of its protagonist. Zegler’s character is still alive and suggests that they take Billy’s body back to the kingdom that she and her sisters came from. He is buried in a serene location in what seems like a harrowing moment.

However, that’s when the real Wonder Woman appears -played by Gal Gadot– and takes the staff and uses its powers to repair it and bring billy back to life. Shazam appears to be immortal, though it’s unclear if that’s actually the case or if it’s a one-time deal due to the power left in the weapon. In any case, Diana Prince brings Billy back to life in a comical moment. Later, Billy is shown happily spending time with his family, Freddy has a new girlfriend (Zegler’s character), and everything is happily ever after.

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