The Government of Marianao stoned, fire in a court file: unrest grows in Cuba

The expressions of discomfort among Cubans they continue to grow during days of intense heat, blackouts, shortages and dengue epidemics. Since painted against the dictatorship and its highest exponent, Miguel Díaz-Canelto more serious protests such as the alleged arson of a court file in Havana Y stones of a dissatisfied citizen against the seat of the Government of Marianao.

About this last incident, which occurred on Monday, the authorities of the Havana municipality reported, as well as the profile of the State Security La Página de Mauro Torres.

“Today’s afternoon an individual approached the seat of government asking for the president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of the Marianao municipalityupon receiving the response that it was not found, it acts inconsistently by launching stones against three windows of the installation“wrote the official government profile.

According to the publication, which shared images of broken glass, a worker who was at the reception of the facility was injured “in the ear area” and needed “three-point” sutures.

The population acted and the individual was arrested and will be prosecuted according to the Penal Code of our country. Attitudes like these we cannot admit, because they denigrate the tranquility of the Marian people,” the publication concluded.

The page of the political police identified the Cuban who threw the stones as Duniel López Domínguez.

“He will be sentenced and tried without impunity by the Court, taking into account his ‘improper attitude and impropriety,'” he added.

Last Sunday, July 31, a alleged arson affected the archive of the Municipal Court of Centro Habanaaccording to a video posted on social networks. A self-proclaimed movement The New Cuban Nation in Arms claimed responsibility for both the act and the audiovisual material.

“This is not an accident, this is fire against the dictatorship,” the man who recorded the video is heard saying.

“This is justice against injustice. This is the new Cuban nation executing injustice in Cuba,” adds the man in a low tone while watching the fire burn.

the independent media 14ymedio verified, after noon on Monday, that the building in Centro Habana, located on Calle Salud, between San Francisco and Infanta, remained under police surveillance, officers from the Ministry of the Interior, a car from the Criminalistics operational guard and a truck from Penitentiary Establishments. Access to the property was prevented by a yellow tape.

On Tuesday, a “Down with the dictatorship” poster appeared in the Havana municipality of Cotorroaccording to images sent and published by journalist Mario J. Pentón on social networks.

“Entrance of the dairy highway in Cotorro. Everyone in the national contest #PintaTuPedacito #Cuba,” Pentón said on Facebook. Officials from the Ministry of the Interior who guard the place also appear in the photo.

On the road of a bridge in Santiago de Cuba another expression of “Díaz-Canel, singao” was painted in large white letters, according to another citizen complaint also shared by Mario J. Pentón.

“This was on the Cristo highway, Santiago de Cuba, this morning. The ‘paint your little piece’ contest continues,” he specified.

In a later comment on the same post, he shared another photo of the removed graffiti with more paint on the asphalt.

almost one ten protests in different points inside Cuba have occurred in the last hours, only due to the prolonged blackouts and a situation that is becoming less sustainable for thousands of families.

Reports on social networks report cacerolazos in San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque; La Herradura, Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río; Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus; Antilla, Holguin; Caonao del Sur and Covadonga, in Cienfuegos, and Mabay, Granmathe same day that, in broad daylight, the people of Santiago took to the streets and a day after they did so in Bauta and other towns.

On Tuesday Cuban mothers who blocked a road in Arroyo NaranjoHavana, ended up in a primary school, where they were taken by the authorities to “address” their demands, according to a State Security profile, which minimized the protest and said that the women shouted slogans in favor of the regime.

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