The Government will start the reconstruction of more than 8,000 homes affected by Fiona this weekend

Santo Domingo, DR.

Several officials of the Government of President Luis Abinader will travel to the provinces of the country that were affected by the passage of Hurricane Fiona, to work on a special reconstruction day for 8,300 homes this Saturday.

This was reported by Abinader in an interview conducted by the journalist Alicia Ortega during the broadcast of her newscast at 10:00 at night.

Though he did not say who these officials wereassured that if another house appears, the government is ready to repair it.

“What we have done on this special day of reconstruction, that we have divided different government officials by municipality, the deputy present goes to the province of La Altagracia… several officials are distributed in all the affected municipalities of the country, together with the materials that are going to be carry the Ministry of Housing, also part of the Ministry of Public Works, the Social Plan and the Presidential Commissions for Provincial and Neighborhood Developmentl, in a tripartite action between the municipalities and the workers that we already gave him resources last Wednesday so that they have available for workers, civil society, understand those affected and the neighborhood associations that are going to work, “said Abinader.

Referring to his agenda, he indicated that first he will participate in the mass for the day of the Virgin of Las Mercedes, in Santo Cerro and then he will travel by land to the municipality of Sábana de la Mar, then he will go to the districts of Cañita, La Gina , followed by the municipality of Miches and then Guaimate.

Electric sector

Abinader indicated that in addition to housing, the electricity sector was the most affected by the passage of Hurricane Fiona, currently being Villa Hermosa in La Romana; Miches with its districts, Nicibón and Boca de Yuma without electricity.

“It does not mean that in the municipality of Higuey and the others it is at 100%, but it is already at around 70-80% in those municipalities. Already in the Eastern region we practically have electricity between 80-85% and in the northeast, in Samaná, Sánchez and Nagua in about 90%, we still have many sectors, especially rural ones, where we have had problems with light poles and power lines,” he said.

Also, ireported that 500 thousand people are without water due to the effects of Fiona, although he advanced that by Monday the part of the aqueducts will be covered by 95%.

He indicated that regarding the road structure accesses and 85% is resolved. In addition, so far 35 bridges have been affected.

Economic data

He announced that the first estimate of the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona As they pass through the country, they could be held this Monday, September 26.

When asked where the funds would come from to repair the damage, he indicated that the government has “boxes” to deal with emergenciesalthough later those expenses are adjusted to the budget.

The options for this adjustment, according to Abinader himself, are already being studied and has had three meetings with the Minister of Finance, Jochi Vicente; the director of the budget, José Rijo Presbot, and economic advisers, so “from the financial point of view, the government is prepared, and also with several windows that we are going to have to deal with the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona.”

He reported that regarding the money invested by the various institutions in mitigating the effects of Fiona, Carlos Pimentel, Director of Purchasing and Contracting will monitor emergency purchases.

Regarding the supervision of the mayors with the money delivered, although he did not clearly specify how they will be supervised, he indicated that if any of you use the funds for something else that was not contemplated, “it must be more severe than in other cases and be subjected to as it should be”.

Hotel sector

Luis Abinader assured that 92% of the hotel rooms are open, with almost normal attendance at the airports of La Romana and Punta Cana. Although he affirmed that there have been “some cancellations”.

He said that in Samaná there are four small hotels closed for the damage caused by Fiona, but they have no reports of other hotels.

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