The grandmother of Khloé Kardashian’s children dies

The former basketball player tristan thompson is in mourning after the death of his mother, andrea thompson. The woman died of a heart attack, reported People.

Andrea Thompson was at her home in Toronto, Canada, when she was attacked. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where her medical staff attempted to resuscitate her, according to TMZ. Unfortunately, the efforts were unsuccessful and the woman died at the hospital.

The athlete was in Los Angeles at the time of death, so he immediately moved to Canada to be with his family and say goodbye to his mother. His ex-girlfriend and mother of two of his children, Khloe Kardashianaccompanied him and apparently will remain by his side during these difficult times, according to a source.


Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images Tristan Thompson and his mom Andrea

Despite his controversial and public breakup, the reality star has been a constant support for the former player. According to reports, the sister of kim kardashianHe had a close relationship with his children’s grandmother, so he did not hesitate to run next to his ex’s family.

Kim, for her part, had smoothed things out with her younger sister’s ex-boyfriend and, as far as is known, maintains a close and stable relationship with Tristan, even inviting him to participate in her charity events. It is unknown if the most famous of the Kardashians will attend the funeral services.

Tristan and Khloe are parents to True4 years old and a boy who was born in September in the midst of a new paternity scandal involving the former player.

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