“The Gray Man”, the book by Mark Greaney that now brings together Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans

the gray man
the gray man

Once again, books dominate streaming platforms. One of writer Mark Greaney’s stories, titled The Gray Manwhose protagonists are Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.

This, the first novel published by Mark Greaney, v.io the light in 2009 with the publisher Young Books and it introduces Court Gentry, “The Gray Man,” a freelance assassin and former CIA agent, also known as Sierra Mix.

Gentry has a new assignment and will have to travel throughout Europe with one goal, to rescue his controller Sir Donald Fitzroy, held in Normandy, France. while he was with his family, but his mission is interposed by Lloyd Hanson (Chris Evans), a member of a giant French corporation and also a former CIA officer, who is determined to eliminate him.

the gray man
the gray man

However, in this adventure Gentry will have to adapt to the problems that the future prepares for him, as several powerful people want him to be fired, this being a move for Nigerian oil interests.

But not only that, but Lloyd too wants gentry dead since he has murdered his brother. It is here that Lloyd forces Fitzroy to betray Gentry and hold his family hostage in a castle in Normandy.

One of the features that the gray man are his movements, because he goes unnoticed, undercover, moving from one place to another in order to achieve the impossible so that it always hits the target and then disappears.

There are people in the world The Gray Man who think that money and power is the only thing for themthat it is worth fighting for, but for Gentry, this is not necessary. It is here that Gentry will prove that, for him, there is no gray area between killing for a living and killing to stay alive.

The Gray Man is scheduled for a theatrical release on July 15, 2022, followed by a Netflix release on July 22, 2022. With a production budget of $200 million, it is the most expensive movie ever made by Netflix.

Who is Mark Greaney?

the gray man
the gray man

The author was the first bestseller and there have been ten subsequent Gray Man novels that have been published to date, including the latest, relayless.

Mark Greaney is the number one bestselling author of the New York Times and co-author of 7 Tom Clancy and Red Metal novels, co-written with Lt. Col. Rip Rawlings. He is also the author of eleven novels in the NYT’s “Best Selling” Gray Man series, including “Sierra Six.”

Mark’s books have been published in multiple languages ​​and are also available as audiobooks.

And as a curious fact, in the research he did for the Gray Man and Jack Ryan novels, Mark Greaney traveled to dozens of countries, he met: the Pentagon, military bases, intelligence agencies in Washington, DC and short-range combat tactics. He also trained with the military and law enforcement.

Now, Mark lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife, three stepchildren, and their three dogs, Lobo, Ziggy, and Winston.


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