The great change of look of the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Blue Ivy is getting older every day and her change of look is not leaving anyone indifferent. The daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z is driving the fans of both artists crazy with a groundbreaking style with which she was seen at the NBA game she attended yesterday with the rapper in San Francisco. All the alarms have already gone off that the little girl is becoming a diva, but there is also a great debate among internet users and that is: who does she look more like?

It seems that Blue Ivy shares a great passion for basketball like Jay-Z, and this has been demonstrated during one of the ‘NBA Finas’ matches in which, as the images show, they appear very smiling enjoying the game together. But what has most surprised fans of the most mediatic couple in the world of music is the little girl’s great change of look.

With curly hair with a lot of volume and earrings in the purest Beyoncé style, there are those who affirm that Blue Ivy is following in the footsteps of the artist. However, the very ‘street style’ black outfit that he wore for the occasion creates a debate among fans who point out that he continues to look more like the rapper.

The truth is that, at 10 years old, the little girl is adopting a very marked style and with a lot of personality. This time we have seen her with a leather jacket, a black t-shirt and black jogger-style pants, creating a perfect ‘total black’ for the occasion and that she has completed with black and white Nike Jordan sneakers.

blue ivy at an nba finals game in san francisco

Ezra Shaw Getty Images

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