The great PC exclusives that we will play in 2023

In these early stages of the new year, we continue to look ahead to review the exclusive PC games that we will see in 2023 (and that we can play Steam Deck).

We are talking about games that, for now, have only confirmed their release on PC, and that today will not be released on PS5, Xbox Series S, or Switch, although it is something that may change in the coming months if the studies so they decide.


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And the truth is PC 2023 looks really good. In recent years it has been gaining followers and more exclusives, which until a few years ago did not leave the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, will continue to arrive in this new year.

That being said, these are Top 10 PC Exclusive Games Coming In 2023 and not on consoles.

The 10 exclusive PC games that will be released in 2023

As we have anticipated, here we have gathered 10 PC games whose release is confirmed for 2023, although in some cases they do not have a confirmed date.

These are the first titles, since there will surely be more announcements in the coming months and weeks, and games that as of today do not yet have a date, will also be confirmed.

The Day Before

  • Release Date: March 1, 2023
The Day Before

The Day Before has the privilege of being the most desired game on Steam, an MMO that looks like a mix between The Last of Us and The Division, which was delayed at the last minute to change its graphics engine to Unreal Engine 5.

Be that as it may, The Day Before will be a spectacular open world survival MMO Set in a deadly post-pandemic America, plagued by infected, man-eating people, and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars. That said, it looks spectacular… and he has just confirmed that it will also come to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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The Last of Us Part 1

  • Release Date: March 3, 2023
The Last of Us Part 1 Remake

The game that The Day Before drinks from, The Last of Us will arrive on PC in March 2023, after passing through PS5. It will also be compatible with Steam Deck, as confirmed by the studio a few days ago.

What can we say at this point about the unforgettable adventure of Joel and Ellie touring a post-apocalyptic America devastated by spores that mutate people? Well, it’s one of the best there is, and in this version with better graphics, accessibility has gained many wholes.

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  • Release date: early 2023
return PC

After its debut on PS5 in 2021, Returnal will be another of the PlayStation exclusives coming to PC in 2023. And it will do so with a version that will add impressive ray tracing effects and, in addition, compatibility with DLSS and FSR to improve performance with compatible graphics.

For those who don’t know, Returnal can be considered a third-person roguelite shooter starring Selene, an astronaut who wakes up on an unknown planet with no memories, which she will have to put together while dodging bullets, getting upgrades and defeating fearsome final bosses.

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Sons of the Forest

  • Release date: February 2023
Sons of the Forest

The creators of The Forest, a horror game released in 2018, return to the fore with another survival title, alone or with friends, on a remote island infested by humanoids and cannibalistic aberrations. Our mission? Find a missing millionaire in the area.

Like other survival games, we will have to build (starting with our settlement, the palisades…) and craft resources like spears and weapons, while we explore the place and face horrible creatures. She has a fabulous look.

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Dark and Darker

  • Release date: last quarter of 2023
Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker It is another of the games that is beginning to make noise, thanks to the fact that the developers are beginning to give access to the beta. A “hardcore” fantasy first-person action game, as defined by its creators, and that invites us to enter PvPvE dungeons, that is, against other players and enemies controlled by the computer.

Its premise is very simple: join a group of friends and enter dark and dangerous dungeons to discover mythical treasures, defeat terrifying monsters with melee weapons, bows and the like, and prevent other groups of treasure hunters from finishing you off. It will be out in 2023.

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Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Release date: August 2023
Baldur's Gate 3

After two years in Early Access, Larian Studios is entering a new phase with the highly anticipated Baldur’s Gate 3, which will release version 1.0 of the game next August. What to say about this desired RPG? Well, the studio continues to work and introduce new features (like a new class).

And the truth is that everything looks luxurious: graphics, RPG depth, options… As if that were not enough, the director of the game and of Larian himself has stated that from day one there will be a new feature that they have not revealed and that the players will surely like. What will it be?

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One Military Camp

  • Release date: February 2023
One Military Camp

8 months ago we were able to test the first closed beta of One Military Camp, the new and promising management and strategy game along the lines of the legendary Theme Hospital or the more modern Two Point Campus: in two words, humor and fun, but applied to a military camp.

We will have to grow our camp with emplacements train the troops (strength, marksmanship, explosives…) and with facilities such as a heliport, from which to send troops and supplies to the front. All with incredible customization options (the camp speakers will be able to play our own messages) and a great depth of management.

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The Outlast Trials

  • Release date: 2023
Outlast Trials

After two installments, The Outlast Trials is going to change register, in many ways. Will be the first installment of this horror saga designed to be played alone or in companywhere we will become human guinea pigs to overcome crazy tests that will test our mental integrity.

A macabre therapy set in the Cold War era, where Murkoff will expose us to all kinds of horrors, from which we will have to flee, or face them in the most atrocious ways (with a lot of gore and liters of hemoglobin). If you survive long enough, will you still be sane to get on with your life?

Outlast 2 review


  • Release date: 2023

Highwater – Summer Game Fest Trailer

You may not remember but Highwater is an up and coming indie turn based strategy adventure game with low poly graphics very expressive and surprisingly colorful and sunny for a game about the apocalypse, which was presented at the last Summer Game Fest.

In it we will travel a world that is inundated by the effects of climate change. It is the work of Demogog, the creators of the no less interesting Golf Club Wasteland, in which the Earth, after going to hell, becomes an elitist golf club to travel to (including an astronaut suit). Highwater promises to make us reflect like his previous work.

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  • Release date: 2023

The last title of this list of expected PC games for 2023 It has a demo on Steam, which you can try right now. It’s a hyper-violent first-person shooter, which in a way reminded us of Soldier of Fortune, but packed with vitamins.

Trepang will put us in the shoes of a soldier who has no memories of his past life, but who possesses supernatural abilities. A mysterious group forces us out of our hiding place, and we will have to defend ourselves and discover the truth about our past… leaving a trail of cold cuts along the way.

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And so we come to the end of our list with the Most Anticipated PC Exclusive Games of 2023. We remember that they are the confirmed titles to date and that, for now, they will not reach the console. In the coming weeks and months this list will grow, have no doubt about it…

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