The great ‘streamers’ of Halo Infinite leave the game due to the lack of news

Top content creators halo-infinite on Twitch are leaving the shooter for other games, like Call of Duty and Elden Ringgiven the lack of news for the title of 343 Industries in the almost five months that have passed since its launch, according to a report published by Rock Paper Shotgun where several streamers talk about the lack of audience: since the premiere in December (the multiplayer free to play came out in beta in November), the peak viewership has dropped from 200,000 to about 10,000.

“Unless we start to see big features added, the seasons will just be little blips that will fade in about a month,” he says in statements collected by pc gamer the streamer Arrash. Another content creator until recently focused on HaloKevinKoolx, notes: “We have long periods of nothing”. Therefore, these creators and others like Hrebinka (host of LateNightGaming), are abandoning his main game for stream other titles.

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All of them complain, on the one hand, of the absence of new maps and modes of games since the premiere of the title; and on the other hand, from the lack of modes that have usually had previous games in the series since launch, such as the co-op campaign, Forge mode (a mode creator that gives streamers) and multiplayer features such as two-player team mode and sniper mode. They argue that if the addition of these modes is very slow and dispersed in time, they will not be able to attract again the interest of the public that has been lost: on Steam, of the 272,586 peak players that were in the premiere, there are 9074 left in the last 24 hours.

Developers are aware of the problem

Brain Jarrard, Community Manager of 343 Industries, said in a post on Reddit last week that he understands users are “out of patience.” He excused the situation by explaining that the study is planning, organizing, hiring staff and other tasks. “She is a difficult situation that is going to take time for the team,” he assured before the criticism of some players.

The second season of halo-infinite will premiere on May 4. Although at the moment we do not know the specific news to include, we do know that there will be new maps, modes and functions. Among her will be the expected cooperative modebut it will not be released at the same time as the season, but will be available throughout the season.

Despite the problems after the launch, in what is the managing a game as a service, halo-infinite It is a great game both in its multiplayer aspect and in the campaign. “A long campaign with some seamless shootouts that never tire, competitive multiplayer that could hardly be more fun and that has already left us innumerable momentsa great artistic direction and a spectacular soundtrack are its main letters of introduction”, said Carlos Leiva in his analysis.

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