The Greta Gerwig Movies That Are On Prime Video And Are As Good As Or Better Than ‘Barbie’

It has turned out to be one of the best films of the year and it looks like it will reverberate for a long time. ‘Barbie’ is still holding firm in cinemas and it will face another hit when it hits HBO Max for streaming, though there’s no date yet. With a close to 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, we can confirm that this is a good movie, with a powerful message and brutal performances and aesthetics. Of course, the script and direction are an essential part of its success and that’s where Greta Gerwig comes into play. When we learned that she would be in charge of the project, we knew she would do a good job keeping the above in mind.

We declare ourselves to be full fans of Greta Gerwig and so, we are going to recommend two of her movies that are as good or better than ‘Barbie’. And it is available on Prime Video. we refer to ‘Lady Bird’ and the latest version of ‘little Women’, Of course, there is one minor drawback and that is that both tapes are available for purchase or rental on this platform. But if you pay to go to the movies, it will be money well invested and besides, you will be able to enjoy it sitting at home on the sofa for no more than four euros.

lady bird

female bird


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Saoirse Ronan plays Christine, a teenage girl who calls herself ‘Lady Bird’ (One of Prime Video’s Best Movies) And he’s facing his final year at a Catholic center. His goal is to unleash his artistic vein in another part of the country and gain autonomy from his mother. A delicious portrait of the leap into maturity that will hook you.

little Women

The Cast of 'Little Women'


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Greta managed to make us fall in love with yet another version of Louise May Alcott’s classic ‘Little Women’, one that’s charming, aesthetically beautiful and has a wonderful cast reprise with Saoirse Ronan. YouImothée Chalamet, Emma Watson and Florence Pugh, among others. A famous story about some sisters, powerful and intelligent women, which we cannot get tired of reading and watching.

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