The Guatemalan Valorant team appears in Turkey (which universities they belong to, the schedules and what is the sum of money for the winners)

The celebration of the Valorant university tournament has begun at the Red Bull Campus Clutch, RBCC. The 34 teams participating in this tournament have arrived in Turkey and this month the 170 students have dedicated themselves to training in state-of-the-art equipment and other spaces that the sponsors have prepared for a professional level tournament.

On Tuesday the 21st the other groups will begin the first preliminary rounds and the Valorant expert students will be giving their all in the scenarios they have prepared in the impressive one. Volkswagen Arena Istanbul (Turkey). The final is on November 24 until the grand final. win the code for an amount of 20 million euros (Q171 million).

This place was inaugurated in 2014 and has capacity for approximately more than five thousand people.

Mayan Empire participates for Guatemala, Javier Gálvez (UNREAL), Santiago Echeverría (Unusual), Diego Alberto Maldonado (Diego), Héctor Javier Cruz Folgar (RAIN MARKER) and Juan Marco Figueroa (mqffin).

The national champions Mayan Empire, on November 5. The Guatemalans are in Turkey in the third edition of the Red Bull Campus Clutch. (Free Press Photo: Álvaro González)

On Saturday the 18th, the team went to Panama for the first parade and then continued the trip to Turkey.

They will publish from the Twitter account sharing the moment they arrive at the hotel and receive gifts and the players for their participation.

Mayan Empire is the national championship and they won it on Sunday, November 5 when they visited Pepe Rex. The tournament has hosted more than 800 individual events since 2021, with 25 million participants in the first year and 30 million in 2022, so it is not easy to get to this point.

The first phase in which you will participate

This year four teams from Latin America are present. Mexico, Chile, Peru and Guatemala.

Group D corresponds to the Mayan Empire, where they perform for the second consecutive year against the United States, this is the 2022 champion country, representatives of Northwood University.

The group is also made up of France, with Valiant PBL; Indonesia, with I Believe in God and Romania with ThePawBrothers.

There is a 9 hour difference between Türkiye and Guatemala. The tournaments in this country will begin at 2 p.m., and Guatemalans will be able to see the participation of Guatemalans in the game. The times established for the first round are:

Guatemala – Indonesia 5 hours
Guatemala-Romania 6 hours
Guatemala-France 8 hours
Guatemala-United States 9 hours

The program can be seen at the following link:

Who are the Guatemalan university students who do this?

One of the requirements is that participants be technical or university level students. Here we share which universities belong to the integral parts of Mayan Empire.

Diego Alberto Maldonado Gálvez20 yearsSystems engineerUniversity of San Carlos

Santiago Echeverria Obregon25 yearsbusiness administration studentUniversity panameric

(Free Press Photo: Álvaro González)

Hector Javier Cruz Tobar29 yearshuman resources studentintecap

(Free Press Photo: Álvaro González)

Javier Galvez Soto24 yearsnutrition studentRafael Landívar University

(Free Press Photo: Álvaro González)

Juan Marco Figueroa20 yearsrear studentFrancisco Marroquín University

(Free Press Photo: Álvaro González)

A little story

This is the third edition of the RBCC and Guatemala entered the second edition in 2022 when Aqua Gaming set out to compete in Brazil and came in fifth place in its group.

Some of the members of the current Mayan Empire national championship were also part of Aqua Gaming, the 2022 championship. After the Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 they left and decided to take the network for this new year.

In this latest edition, a state team from Northwood University traveled to Brazil.

In 2021 this tournament was held in Madrid, Spain from where Anubis Gaming, Five unknown young people from Egypt took the grand prize Portugal.

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