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Not only Naples, but the whole world remembers Diego Armando today Maradona to celebrate him one year after his death. There is no corner of the planet Land inhabited by someone who does not know who he was and what this world-class football champion represented. History books and encyclopedias already mention his name.

Everything has been said about Diego and perhaps even more. Adored as a practically unique champion, hated by respectable and moralists for his exaggerated private life always suspended on the border of the lawful. Yet there has never been ambiguity of behavior in Maradona. Terribly and even tragically linear and faithful to his way of understanding the world, he has never betrayed himself, while many times he has been betrayed by those around him for sheer convenience.

Many, today, will once again make a distinction between the champion and the man. The first guided by the hand of God to give a sense of eternal beauty to his sporting “works”. The second clinging to the devil’s tail to make a hallucinating journey through the circles of hell on earth between drugs, alcohol, unbridled sex and assorted vices. This type of divisive operation does not interest us at all and is also entirely instrumental. The story of Maradona himself, who punctually and personally paid for each deviance, supports it artists, writers, poets And musicians who have left eternal works to the world.

Van Gogh he was deranged and addicted, From there a fetishist, Picasso a violent, Caravaggio even a murderer. Egdar Allan Poe he wrote under the influence of laudanum, Bukowski he was a sex maniac, Pavese a helpless depressed, Moravia a peeping tom. Puccini beat women and his young mistress committed suicide by throwing herself into the lake, Vasco nearly dies of cocaine, Freddie Mercury was killed by AIDS. None of these giants are mortified by current thinking, but each of them is rightly given the honor of eternity in the face of their masterpieces. And that’s exactly what needs to be done for Diego Maradona, especially today. Remember and return to admire his unique “works” of unrepeatable genius.

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