The Handmaid’s Tale: Writer of the series stars in controversy over the plot

The Handmaid’s Tale began broadcasting on HBO in 2017 and after 4 seasons it has been an impressive production due to its plot and cast, which still continues to position it at the top of the demands on different platforms such as Hulu. However, this story seems to have passed from the screens to real life and the author of the original story has explained the reason for this comparison with the series.

Published in 1985, The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian novel and one of the most important works of the writer Margaret Atwoodand that served as inspiration to produce this incredible television series, with the fictitious and futuristic approach that due to the low birth rate, fertile women are considered as servants and are sent to the houses of the commanderssenior government officials, so abortion was ruled out.

The handmaid’s tale has been controversial since its inception and now strikes more sensitive chords

In history, women were subjected to rape until they became pregnant, since their mission was to father children. Margaret Atwood recently found herself in the eye of the storm by providing her opinion regarding a current event involving a court case and that precisely resembles a lot with the plot of the series and in which the author of this story sentenced “Just tell everyone how you feel about banning abortion…calling it literal slavery.”

Among the maids is june osborneplayed by actress, Elizabeth Moss, and is the protagonist of this story. She is an ordinary woman who has been stripped of her identity and now tries to survive in a new world in which women have lost all their rights. Maybe the author of the Handmaid’s Tale, saw reflected in June’s life what happens with the case Roe v. Wade and the last update that supposes the annulment of the same before the Supreme Court. This case became public last week after a draft opinion was leaked to the press and Atwood wrote an op-ed in the newspaper. Guardian.

Under the title “Forced childbirth is slavery”, the text presents its argument quite well in the following graphs, comparing the possible decision with what it describes in its cautionary tale from its novel; where fertile women become prisoners of the state. “Women who cannot make their own decisions about whether or not to have babies are enslaved because the state claims ownership of their bodies and the right to dictate how their bodies are used.”

The rights of women are violated in the series The Handmaid’s Tale as it happens today

Likewise, Atwood in his article points out other current criticisms and compares the slavery he talks about in his story to compulsory military service for menbut points out that even there, men are treated better… as they receive free resources for “service.” “If the state requires forced childbirth, shouldn’t it pay for prenatal care, the birth itself, postnatal care? And, for babies who aren’t sold to wealthier families, the cost of raising the child.” In other words, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale proposes that women be paid to have babies, especially if they are given no choice but to do exactly that, give birth. In the plot of the television series, the abuses by the authorities have a certain similarity to what is currently happening, and the fiction remains in the background.

Margaret responds to her own question, writing… “Instead, he just wants to reinforce the usual cheap trick: forcing women to have babies and then making them pay. And pay. And pay. Like I said, slavery.”

Atwood goes on to say in the aforementioned article that having a baby “it is a gift, but it ceases to be a gift if it is not freely given or received, which is what would happen by default if abortion is prohibited”. That is why on the screens the suffering of some characters is highlighted due to what happens within the story that currently remains in the first places of audience and that with cases off the screen, grab your tune more strongly.

She ends: “No one is forcing women to have abortions. No one should force them to give birth. Force childbirth if you want, but at least call it what it is. It is slavery: the claim to own and control property.” from someone else.” body, and capitalize on that claim.

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