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The Rare singer has lashed out at the platform over a topic that is very dear to her

Selena Gomez once again took up Facebook regarding the disinformation theme which often circulates on the platform. Social media policy requires all fake news to be blocked in their circulation but, apparently, this is not the case for the star.

This time it was the circulation of false content regarding Covid-19. In fact, a few hours ago Selena Gomez re-shared a BBC News video which showed the intervention of the CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate Imi Ahmed. The singer, proposing this clip, wanted to highlight a big flaw in the Facebook system also present in all other social media.

The star has lashed out at digital societies that claim they are doing everything in their power to eliminate misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccine, but in reality they are doing absolutely nothing. In particular, the famous singer wanted to have her say on Facebook highlighting the problems concerning the news control system in the social network.

In his opinion the platform allowed the circulation of false news and all this will cost several lives. Then she wondered why this is allowed, pointing out how social media will be responsible for thousands of deaths if it doesn’t act now.

Selena Gomez, the previous criticisms of Instagram and Facebook

It seems that the theme of disinformation on digital platforms is a subject dear to the singer 28-year-old from Rare. In fact, some time ago the same star had lashed out against Instagram and Facebook. She herself had highlighted on Twitter a page of the two social media in which some T-shirts that praised Nazism and racism were sold. In the tweet the news launched by the Center for Countering Digital Hate was shared.

Gomez claimed she was speechless. He also had made a clear appeal to Facebook and Instagram. He had asked the two digital platforms for completely remove the contents published by the pages. The star pointed out that the elements, despite being against their policies and having already been reported, had not yet been removed from the platforms.

At that point, an Instagram representative had issued a statement to ET Canada in which he announced that the company had taken steps to remove the inappropriate content brought to their attention. Similarly, a few months earlier, the star had also contacted Facebook for the closure of groups that incited hatred, violence and disinformation about the elections.

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