The harsh childhood of Ryan Reynolds and the tense relationship with his father

It’s hard to imagine our favorite actors going through difficult and sad times in their lives. Above all because of the image we currently have of them, always with a smile in front of the cameras and at the top of their careers. We idolize them as a kind of superhero and the truth is that acting is just another job and that when the lights go out they are flesh and blood people, as human as we are and with very different stories to tell.

This could be the case for Ryan Reynolds. Today, at 45, he is one of the best-known faces. And he also managed not to pigeonhole himself into a particular genre, being able to shine in action films, comedy and even drama. His story is quite particular, because although he debuted before the age of 20 on the small screen, it was only at 26 that he had his first foray into the cinema. Since then he did not stop working, obtaining the most outstanding point of his in the saga of Deadpool.

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