The harsh statements of Drew Barrymore about his childhood

There have been many occasions when drew Barrymore He has spoken about the darkest moments of his life and his drug addiction, which started at a very young age. However, it is the first time that the actress and producer opens up to speak without mincing words about her harsh childhood marked by the contradictory rules that her parents taught her. strictly controlling her diet, but letting her use drugs since she was a child.

As she told in a talk with actor Rob Lowe, in the last chapter of her podcast ‘Drew’s News’, the actress’s parents totally prohibited her from eating sugar and controlled her eating habits harshly to control her weight and that kept calling her from the Hollywood studios, but surprisingly they were okay with drug and alcohol use.

“My mother wouldn’t let me eat sugar. Studio 54, marijuana and alcohol were fine with them, but they wouldn’t even let me touch the sugar“, confesses the artist. It was a restriction that, as she herself says, she skipped whenever she could and ended up eating the chocolate secretly in the closet.

All the other habits I could do in front of everyonebut the sugar was something he hid, he had a box of chocolate hidden in the cupboard,” reveals Drew.

But these have not been the only difficult episodes that the protagonist of ‘Together and scrambled’. Drew already confessed on another occasion, on the Howard Stern show, some details of his turbulent life and his relationship with his mother, actress Jay Barrymore, who entered a psychiatric hospital when Drew was only 13 years old.

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