The head of Medicine is retired, there is still no substitute

CAMERINO – Doctor Pietro Compagnucci had asked to remain in service in 2016, the extension expired yesterday. He has now reached the maximum age of 70 years and is taken to retirement. The competition to identify the successor is underway, eight admitted

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He is now retired Dr. Pietro Compagnucci, Head of Medicine in Camerinoauthorized by the then director of the vast Area 3 Alessandro Maccioni, in December 2016 to remain in service over the age of 65, until 1 April 2022, year in which he turns 70. At the moment the name of the substitute is not yet known, it is he who carries out the oral anticoagulant therapy clinic, to which 250 patients belong, for the ritual checks. It still is the procedure to choose the name of the person who will replace him is in progress, for which the director of the wide area 3 Daniela Corsihad issued a public notice in July 2021. The “director of a complex structure”, as the head physician is called in medical jargon, will be able to remain in office for five years.

They were eight out of ten candidates admitted who applied, the two rejected did not meet the required requirements. The commission will be able to choose from among the doctors: Manuela Cerqueti 56 years old, Luigi Franchi 61 years old, Gianni Lamanna 57 years old, Marina Lombardelli 61 years old, Gabriella W. Mazzoli 66 years old, Annamaria Schimizzi 53 years old, Pia Francesca Tomassini 61 years old, Pietro Valeriani 62 years old. The deadlines for submitting applications expired on 23 September 2021, now within a few months the commission should evaluate the qualifications held and the requirements, then submit the same candidates to evaluation, finally the director Daniela Corsi will sign the appointment, to which the signing of the contract will follow. It was instead postponeddue to the impossibility of replacing a doctor of the nomination evaluation commission, the appointment of the district director of Camerino.

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