The health managers of the Ministry of Health and Aifa enter a state of agitation: “For us only duties and discrimination”

by Giorgio Cavallero

The failure to provide for the recognition of the exclusivity allowance in the draft budget law for health managers of the Ministry of Health and Aifa has created profound and inevitable disappointment and the mobilization of the category.

24 NOV – Many do not know it, but the Health Managers of the Ministry of Health and Aifa are the only ones among the approximately 125,000 health managers of the public service who do not have the indemnity for relationship exclusivity. An indemnity contained in the provisions of Law 3/2018 which had equated these Managers with the rights and duties of their SSN colleagues. With a coup de hand in the subsequent budget law, the exclusivity indemnity was canceled, confirming only the duties.

Yet these Executives:
– they have always and as a rule have an exclusive relationship
– operate in institutions that are an integral part of the NHS and public health
– they access the role with access qualifications and specializations in total analogy with the colleagues of the NHS
– they work in delicate services in international prevention and prophylaxis, assistance to migrants, food security and pharmacovigilance
– they carry out, unique case in the management of the central functions, work with regular weekly hourly pay of 38 hours, including availability, night and holiday work and overtime

– play a decisive role in monitoring and combating the pandemic.

With a great sense of responsibility, they accepted to fulfill all the training and professional duties proper to the health management of the NHS.
It remains incomprehensible and grotesque why they should have a heavily discriminatory pay, a sort of ghetto enclave.
All the more so after the exclusivity indemnity was rightly increased for the entire NHS, as an element of loyalty to the public service and recognition of the decisive and irreplaceable role of public health.

It is not clear how the functions and central and coordination of public health of indispensable institutions such as the Ministry of Health and AIFA can be strengthened without motivated personnel or at least not penalized with respect to the whole category.

It is not surprising that the competitions are deserted and that the exodus to other administrations is inexorable. Discrimination therefore makes the entire health management system of these bodies precarious just as the legislator claims to want to strengthen it. Unless you want to perpetuate over time the eternal recourse to external consultants, appreciated by the political leaders of the moment.

It is necessary to create a stable health management in central administrations, a clear point of reference in particular in a regionalized NHS that requires a coordination point for equal access to citizens’ care. For this reason, the exclusivity allowance and the equal dignity of these Executives must be a strategic, urgent and non-postponable objective in the health policies of the country.

The lack of provision in the budget bill of the due recognition of the exclusivity allowance for health managers of the Ministry of Health and Aifa has created profound and inevitable disappointment and the mobilization of the category.

In proclaiming the state of agitation, these executives ask for an answer not only in terms of justice for themselves, but of political responsibility of those who must govern a fundamental segment of the right to health.

Giorgio Cavallero
Assomed Sivemp – COSMED

November 24, 2021
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