The Health System of Gto welcomed the new students of the first generation of the School of Medicine of the La Salle University

Guanajuato, Guanajuato. August 08, 2022.- The Guanajuato Health System welcomed the 80 new students from the School of Medicine of the University of La Salle Bajío.

The future doctors are part of the first generation of an academic program of this House of Studies.

Dr. Daniel Alberto Díaz Martínez told the students a phrase that still endures over the years of a great teacher: “The one who begins the medical career actually obtains a student enrollment in an indefinite and vertiginous course, which only ends when old age and exhaustion make the doctor a useless worker.”

This remembrance was carried out with the purpose of exhorting the attendees to take advantage of the knowledge granted.

When the medical students finish their studies, the secretary affirmed that they will realize that the 4 years of preparation were very short and that they barely had time to approach the problems, to loosen them up and measure their amplitude.

Probably in a given disease they could go deeper, but not the vast majority of the aspects of their specialty will pass like a movie that rushed by without giving time to calmly review and even less fully take ownership of its content.

He exhorted them to take advantage of the learning time that they will begin to live to absorb the knowledge and put it into practice in patients.

The former secretary of federal health, José Ángel Córdoba Villalobos offered the conference “Management of Public Policies and Perspectives in Health”.

The parents, Dr. Enrique Alejandro González Álvarez, Rector of the Universidad de la Salle Bajío, were present at this welcome. And Dr. Rodolfo Pérez Carillo, Director of the Bajío School of Medicine.

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