The health workers begin the Specialized Health Training tests at the UIB

The Guillem Cifre de Colonya building of the UIB received well ahead of schedule the 353 applicants who this year were called to the classrooms for the exams Specialized Health Training (FSE), which were held at four in the afternoon at the UIB and are considered one of the calls with the largest offer of places in history. In this call, the first graduates in Medicine of the Balearic University.

Without so many nerves on the surface and with parsimony when entering the building –many were repeating exams or had been working on their own for years–, they looked at the bulletin board to look for their names. The places for Medicine (the MIR) and Nursing (EIR) are the ones that presented the most candidates. followed them Pharmacy, Psychology, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The Balearic Islands offer 248 ESF places this year, 15 more than in the 2022 call, something that the applicants for these exams valued positively but with the expectation of knowing if their sector will improve.

And it is that the poor working conditions, added to the work overload and the difficulty of living in these Islands are still issues that not only marked these previous years – exacerbated by the pandemic, as some doctors and nurses well remembered hours before the tests –, but it seems that they will continue marking this 2023. The exams began punctual in the nine enabled classrooms and lasted four and a half hours. It should be remembered that at the state level there were 27,796 people who would have applied to access one of the 11,171 places offered by ESF (353 for the Balearic Islands). Family Medicine It is the specialization with the greatest offer but also the worst valued: “If we already had deficiencies, the pandemic has exacerbated them, that is why the other specialties are increasing more,” said Santiago García, shortly before his MIR exam.

There were also candidates who mentioned that the salaries do not match the standard of living that the Islands demand. This makes many prefer other autonomous communities over the Balearic Islands, despite the fact that, as the nurse Marcos Sumavielle explained, “the conditions of IB-Salut are even better than those we see, for example, in Sergas (Galicia)”. For her part, the nurse Lorena Blanco, who presented herself to the EIR to obtain the specialized Matrona and has more than a year working at the Manacor Hospital, assured that «I link eventual contracts, and I have no problems with that. But yes, there are few nurses, people tend to double and work in the private and public sector».

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