The heated debate on gas stoves that became a political issue in the US.

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Gas stove

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At least 20 states in the US have adopted laws or regulations that remove bans on natural gas.

Cooks love their gadgets, from countertop slow cookers to instant-read thermometers. Currently, there is a growing interest in magnetic induction cooktops: surfaces that cook much faster than conventional ones, without lighting a flame or heating an electric coil.

Magnetic induction has long been popular in Europe and Asia, and is more energy efficient than standard stovetops. However, recent studies warn about emissions from gas stoves inside homes.

Academic researchers and agencies such as the California Air Resources Board have reported that gas stoves can release dangerous pollutants while they are running and even when they are turned off.

A study conducted by American and Australian researchers in 2022 estimates that almost 13% of childhood asthma cases in the United States can be attributed to the use of gas stoves.

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