The hidden message hidden by Flowers, the song by Miley Cyrus, and its clear reference to a close person – Herrera en COPE

At the beginning of this 2023, Miley Cyrus announced the release of her new album, ‘Endless Summer Vacation’. An album that is being highly anticipated, but will have to wait until March 10 to listen to it. However, the singer wanted to show an advance with the release of the single: ‘Flowers’.

As happened with the 53rd session of Bizarrap with Shakira, ‘Flowers’ has given a lot to talk about. This is because it is a letter composed as a clear response to her ex-husband, actor Liam Hemsworth. All of it is a hint to the actor. Even the day of its publication was January 13, coinciding with the birthday of Chris Hemsworth’s brother.

The song begins by remembering what a good couple they made and how their relationship broke down over the years, starting with when they saw their house burn. “Ours was good, ours was gold… We were good together until we stopped being”sings. “We built a home and watched it burn” he points out, referencing when the house they shared in Malibu caught fire in 2018.

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