The highlights of the Venice Film Festival

From the controversy over the possible spitting of Harry Styles on Chris Pine, to the return of Walter Hill as director after six years

The Venice Film Festival is one of the most important in the cinematographic world, where directors of great stature meet to present their most recent works, and where actors and actresses also make an appearance to exhibit their talent in each tape.

In this edition, the premiere of Don’t Worry Darlingdirected by Olivia Wilde and starring Harry Styles, Florence Pugh Y Gemma Chan, whose appearance caused controversy, since many rumors arose of an alleged bad relationship between Pugh and Wilde; in addition to the fact that there were frictions between Styles and Chris Pine. Also, what broke out in scandal was that during the presentation of the film, a video was shown in which apparently the former member of one directionspits at Pine, before sitting down in his respective chair, an action that sparked a scandal.

But Pine’s rep told the magazine Variety that “Just to be clear, Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine. There is nothing but respect between these two men, and any suggestion to the contrary is a blatant attempt to create drama that simply does not exist.”

On the other hand, the Mostra has figures that by themselves, when naming them, attract attention. There are actresses who, almost invariably, are repeated in the editions of the most important festivals in the world (Cannes, Venice, Berlin). There is always a movie with Isabelle Huppert. or one with Cate Blanchett. And another subscriber is tilda swinton.

One of the most memorable moments was the return of director Walter Hill, who received the Cartier Glory award, in addition to screening his new film dead for a dollar. It is his first film as a director in six years (The Assignmentwith Michelle Rodriguez and her great friend Sigourney Weaver, is from 2016) and at his young 80 years he looks somewhat tired.

Italy, as a good hostess, also brought its cinematographic proposals, highlighting The Signor of the Formiche (The Lord of the Ants), by Gianni Amelio. It is his seventh time in competition for the Golden Lion (which he already won in 1998, with cosi ridevano) and, except for the first time he came, always, but he always got an official award.

At 77, the director of Open doors Y lamerica freely adapts a true event from the ’60s, when homosexuality was not only in Italy as a dirty word. Aldo Braibanti He was a writer, poet, philosopher and myrmecologist (the one who studies the behavior of ants), an intellectual who was destroyed for loving a man. On top of that, much less. A judicial process was carried out, they gave him 9 years in prison, but he had the opportunity to appeal.

Another of the outstanding film proposals is from Japan, love life, by Koji Fukada. It is a story of love and disagreements, because the child’s father had abandoned the child when he was a baby and his mother. He now he returns, he is Korean and deaf. The current partner of the protagonist had abandoned her girlfriend to be with her and, now and through the turns of life, they meet again.

The actor Atom Sunada, the director Koji Fukada and the protagonist Fumino Kimura. ANSA photo

Finally, the Festival still has three days to continue surprising us, and also to make predictions about which films could be positioned as possible winners in the following awards that are about to happen.

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