the hilarious reason why he played Harry Potter for 10 years

Daniel Radcliffe became world famous by playing the role of Harry Potter between 2001 and 2011. A long adventure motivated in particular by a twisting reason.

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The Harry Potter film saga marked its time. And also necessarily its actors who continue to water us with crisp anecdotes more than ten years after the release of the last part. A few months ago, Daniel Radcliffe took the time to deny a persistent rumor that he broke more than 100 wands. “I think there were 20 at most,” specified the actor.

As a reminder, Daniel Radcliffe spent his entire adolescence on the various filming of the saga. He thus grew at the same time as his character, as did his acolytes Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. During his intervention on the A24 podcast, the British actor revealed a funny reason to justify his longevity in the shoes of the bespectacled wizard.

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Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe greatly preferred to study on the set

Every year, his parents asked him if he wanted to continue playing the role of Harry in the next film. And the boy invariably answered the same refrain: ” Yes. I hate school “. Participating in successive shoots therefore allowed him to avoid having to go to school every day like other children his age.

Instead, he followed his wizarding course at Hogwarts, the dream of many fans of the saga! All kidding aside, he still continued to study traditionally under tutors on film sets, stopping after getting his A-levels.

Always in the department of anecdotes, Daniel Radcliffe also told the underside of the most incredible stunts performed for the Harry Potter franchise. This was shot for the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firethe actor having to fall from a height of 12 meters. “I was hanging on a rope but also in free fall. She was only there to catch me at the end. I was really terrified”remembers the actor.

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