The holidays in Mallorca of the Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick, ‘Lagertha’ in the series Vikings

Actress Katherine Winnick

canadian actress Katherine Winnick (Toronto, 1977), who gave life to the series vikings to the popular squire lagertha from Norse legends, the first wife of the king Ragnar Lodbrokspend a few holiday days in Majorca. Yesterday Thursday, the interpreter shared in her account of Instagram two stories (temporary videos), one with the views of the sea that he enjoys in the house where he is staying, and a complete panoramic view of the Port d’Andratxfrom ethe lighthouse to the sailing clubon which he wrote the word “Grateful”, showing his gratitude for the good weather and the day he spent on the island. And today he has completed the collection of views with a video of Cala Deia taken from the restaurant of the cove of the Serra de Tramuntana.

The interpreter and also producer and director, began her tour of Spain on May 3 in Madridwhere he coincided with another well-known interpreter of the Vikings series, the Irish actor moe dunford which in the series created by Michael Hirst for the History channel brings to life the King Aethelwulf.

Capture of the video taken yesterday by Katheryn Winnick in Port d’Andratx Miguel Vicens Massanet

Solidarity with Ukraine and personal friend of President Zelensky

Of Ukrainian origin, Katheryn Winnick is a friend of the president Volodymyr Zelensky and she is very aware of the drama that the country is experiencing since the Russian invasion began more than two months ago. For this reason and to provide support to the population, through its foundation, The Winnick Foundation, collects funds to send food to the Ukrainian population. The actress was in Ukraine in August with President Zelensky and the first lady.

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