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The Oscar winner, Emma Stone, just closed a deal to star in the sequel to Cruella 2. So good news for the Disney since, in this last period, he is not doing very well. Let’s find out some curiosities about Emma come on Cruella 2.

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Emma Stone and Disney

The branded film Disney, Cruella, due to the pandemic, it was released in both theaters and on Disney + il May 26, earning over 222 million dollars of ticket sales around the world. In recent times, the US multinational has been in the eye of the storm due to various criticisms about its management of film releases. The famous company of Walt Disney does not seem to know how to manage the streaming platform well, Disney +. Example is indeed Cruella, which has as its protagonist Emma Stone, which was released both in theaters and online at the same time. Already beloved Scarlett Johansson she had dealt with it by suing the Disney for lost earnings. So the deal with Emma for Cruella 2 it is certainly a point in favor for the US multinational which ensures another success. Let’s just hope he now knows how to handle it.

The release of Cruella 2 is far away, and at the moment it is not certain if the film will be available only at the cinema or, like its predecessor, also released on the streaming platform.

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Emma wears Cruella

Jenny Beavan stylist who recently designed the costumes for Emma Stone and Emma Thompson in Cruella of Disney. The artist confesses, in a conference, that she is always terrified at the beginning of each project, but it is a fun job that always starts with the script. “Clothes like clothes don’t interest me much. Dressed as storytellers, they are very interested. This is the whole base and that’s what I really like. “

Set in 1970s London in the midst of the punk rock revolution, the film is about the rebellious early days of one of cinema’s most famous and fashionable villains, Cruella de Mon. The film traces the character’s journey from childhood to the iconic designer. «You always have to start from the script and the director’s vision. In this case, the script was very clear in the ways that Cruella (Stone) would develop and find her clothing bow from a very young child, putting things together from her mother’s basket to, you know, some sort of this. arch-villain, who obviously had influence from the baroness (Thompson) in terms of cutting and learning skills, “said the Beavan.

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