The homemade ‘gadget’ that Jennifer Aniston uses to stimulate collagen production and achieve a lifting effect on the skin

We have tested it… And it works!


It is called ZIIP and it is a device that, through nanocurrents and microcurrents that it sends in a variable waveform, promises to increase cellular energy and induce skin repair.

The homemade 'gadget' that Jennifer Aniston uses to stimulate production

It is the beauty secret shared by Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian, a small homemade device that, in just a few minutes, promises tone and rejuvenate the skin, achieving a lifting effect at home Without a doubt, the plan could not be more suggestive.

This cute little ‘beauty gadget’ is called ZIIP and has become the “must have” (sorry for the chained melody of anglicisms) of some of the most admired ‘celebrities’ (here’s another one) in Hollywood who ‘throw’ of him every time it is their turn to make one of his dazzling appearances.

How does it work? Simple, using the nanocurrent technology to mimic the body’s natural impulses, thereby activating cells to optimize their efficiency.

Their manufacturers say that, as we age, the amount of ATP (a natural molecule that provides useful energy to cells and muscles) in our skin decreases. However, it has been shown that low levels of electricity can increase the rate of ATP by up to 500%and that is precisely what ZIIP pursues.

Able to tone and rejuvenate the skin stimulating the production of collagen and elastinZIIP recreates, without leaving home, a professional facial treatment that revitalizes and tightens the skin of the face thanks to a relaxing electrical charge with which it achieves visible results from the first use.

So far, the most attractive promise of the curious device. What is experienced when using it? The first thing to say is that it is very easy to use (even for me, I’m not particularly skilled with these issues). Obviously, first of all, it is essential read the instructions for use very well Y download the application on the mobile where you can find different videos (between 2 and 14 minutes long) with different treatments, depending on the objective pursued: revitalize, sculpt, lift, lifting effect, etc. These tutorials are very well explained and can be followed without any difficulty.

Before beginning the ritual, it is important apply the conductive gel very well and, if possible, choose a calm setting to recreate in it.

Nothing hurts. The nanocurrents and microcurrents it sends out are barely perceptible. At best, it feels like a slight tingling which, depending on the area of ​​the face, can be a little more intense (in my case, I notice it more in the bony parts and in the neck). However, there are different intensities to grade it ‘to consumer taste’.

What are your results? Sincerely, after finishing the treatment, the face looks fresher and more relaxed. What’s more, I have more than proven that, the next morning, even I wake up with a better face. However, I must also say that this more than noticeable effect on the skin may also be due to the delicious moment of relaxation that involves locking yourself in the bathroom, safe from obligations and demands, for a few minutes.

In short, although -apparently- still There is not much scientific literature to support its effectiveness.In my personal experience, I have to say that ZIIP changes my face for the better… At least temporarily!

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