The Honda X-ADV has a younger brother: here is the new ADV350

The engine is the 330cc single-shaft SOHC eSP + (enhanced Smart Power +) with four valves.

Peak power is 29.2 hp (21.5 kW) at 7,500 rpm, while peak torque is 31.5 Nm at 5,250 rpm. Bore and stroke measure 77 x 70.8mm with a 10.5: 1 compression ratio. Roller rocker timing, new durable main journal bearings and sealed crankcases ensure reliability and consistent performance. To optimize the cooling of the piston, a jet of oil is sprayed on its underlying part, which makes it possible to anticipate ignition times and improve combustion efficiency. The total oil capacity is 1.8 liters.

The air is drawn in through a 5.5-liter airbox; the throttle body is 36mm and the intake valves measure 28mm. The air flows efficiently in the intake duct, exploiting a swirling motion towards the inside of the cylinder for a homogeneous combustion of the fuel. The exhaust gases are expelled through a straight exhaust duct. To reduce the resistance to the exit of the exhaust gases, the silencer consists of only two chambers.

Internal friction is reduced thanks to the use of a 5 mm offset cylinder, the timing chain with hydraulic tensioner and the use of a recovery pump. The latter, typically used on high-performance engines, lowers the pressure inside the engine, reduces oil agitation and decreases pumping losses as well as internal rolling friction. Vibrations are further reduced by a countershaft which also contributes to the great driving pleasure. The automatic centrifugal clutch drives the V-Matic transmission (with ratios set for quick reaction at low speeds and prompt acceleration) and the final belt drive.

The new ADV350 features two-level Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) traction control. The system detects any differences between the speed of the front and rear wheel, calculates the slip ratio and then checks the torque delivered by the engine through the electronic injection system to recover the grip of the rear tire. The HSTC system can be deactivated by means of a switch located on the left block. A warning light with the letter “T” on the dashboard flashes when the system is actively managing grip.

The engine is Euro 5 approved and the consumption declared by Honda stands at 29.4 km / l (in the WMTC medium cycle) which, with the 11.7 L capacity tank, offer a potential range of over 340 km.

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