the horrendous ‘Spalletti clown’, the Zerocalcare syndrome, the surrender of Meret and Lobotka in a music box version

Zero to Spartak’s shameful social campaign after the match. Trying to be ironic without ever succeeding, like those American TV series with fake laughter underneath that make you feel the anguish of living. Spalletti defined clown in various posts on Twitter and Instagram, as well as all of Naples invited to wear a clown mask: the Russian social media deserves the dedication of the great Salvatore Di Giacomo, you have already guessed the poem.

One minute Napoli swerves, like one who travels on the snow in Moscow without having fitted the right tires. Inadequacy that continues up to the network of the doubling of the Russians, an unpreparedness for the struggle that is difficult to understand, to accept for those who had to give answers and instead get lost in doubts again. It is on that start that Spalletti will have to intervene immediately.

Two defeats in three days, maybe that’s what’s troubling: doubt. As Cardinal Voiello recalled in ‘The New Pope’, doubt is a weapon, because it rests on the insecurities of the soul. It leaks certainties, steals conviction, scribbles on the speech you prepared on the paper. Doubt knows only one antidote: victory.

Three miraculous parades, other interventions here and there that seem a tribute to Selikhov’s Yashin myth. Because it works exactly like this: on your bad evening, if you make a mistake, know that your mistakes will add unexpected factors that will tend to make your mistakes even more bitter. There are those who speak of Karma, who speak of Bad luck, who of Murphy’s law but the concept always remains the same.

Four to the lightness of Lobotka. Because after 47 seconds he sets fire to Spalletti’s match plan with the intervention that, seen live, already seems to be at slowed speed. At some levels you can’t allow yourself these empty passes, with poor Stan all the way through the race turns on itself like a Carillon without ever playing the right music. Return as owner to forget.

Five games played and all still to be decided. Napoli concedes six points in two matches at Spartak Moscow and now they will have to play everything in the last one at Maradona with Leicester: a victory at the moment would guarantee the passage of the round, but for the first place other results will then have to be stuck. A real waste, if you think about Spartak’s technical and tactical modesty.

Six times in season and a veil of dust on the gloves. Meret has now been designated as a cup goalkeeper, he finds himself in the field after twenty days and does not show that reactivity that comes from physical and mental exercise. Rusty? Perhaps. On the 2-0 network he is not very reactive, he has a longer reaction time than what one expects from someone with his potential. The camp told of a ready Ospina and instead of rebelling against this verdict it seems that Alex is taking it passively.

Seven absent, the snow, the unusual timetable, the new episodes of Gomorrah, the mid-seasons that no longer exist and the trains that arrived on time. The sample of excuses to be used after the knockout was assorted, but Spalletti does the only right thing to do: he does not give any opening to his own. He gets upset, indeed he gets angry just when someone refers to the glacial climate as a partial excuse to his own. It is clear that alibis worry Spalletti much more than defeat, because unfortunately this is not an emergency situation, but a new normal for several weeks.

Eight tokens from holder responding often present. Elmas scores a goal and almost scores twice, confirming that he feels the call of the goal as an instinct that cannot be taught. Spalletti is crazy about him, for the cleanliness of his football which is the sum of many elements, perhaps none exceptional, but with many valid arguments. Linear in execution, he must find the ardor not to flow into the scholastic. I mean, every now and then, let yourself go a little boy. Try to go further, because the qualities are there.

Nine that will not be there for a long time and a team that has to rework its football thinking. You can’t think of doing the same things you did with Osimhen standing in front of you, which bit the depth and always provided the opportunity for a restart. Napoli in Moscow ran into the Zerocalcare syndrome , thinking ‘that it was enough to tear along the edges, slowly. Follow the dotted line of what we were meant for, and everything would take the form it was meant to have. ‘ But life doesn’t give a damn about your plans. There is a new Naples to be invented, to conceive, a new way of structuring the two phases of the game without our Vittorino.

Ten eternally dedicated to him, D10S. A year has already passed and you haven’t stopped missing us even for a second. You are missing Diego. D.instructs the idea that you cannot meet a ball on the street, caress it as only you could and make it enchanting. well as the idea that, anywhere in the world, you can transform any object into an instrument of astonishment, to be tamed by your magic. Whether it was a ball, a lemon, a nut: you left us all there, with wide-open eyes, incredulous in front of you who sublimated the concept of the artist of the ball. Your smile is missing, cheeky, cheeky, even those who pretended to love you didn’t want you at all. Your primitive passion for the revolution is missing, always aligned with the less fortunate, the less powerful, the less arrogant. You, with your head held high, change the world a little bit by playing football. What we miss most, Diego, is the hope of seeing you here again. In your Naples. We would have liked to grow old with you, that you grow old with us. Among those narrow streets that have guarded so many of your nights, among those eyes that could not look elsewhere if you were there. They tell us that Maradona is a wonderful idea, which stands the test of time. It will be true. But we miss Diego, that boy with curly hair so terribly human in his vices, in his virtues. One of the family, which has destroyed the barrier between myth and people. Perhaps this is why, after a year, we still can’t accept the idea.

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