The horror series that almost starred Margot Robbie: she rejected it outright

He margot robbie The actress of this time is no secret: after the success of barbie, all manufacturers will eliminate it. they’ve already done that with their papers wolf of wolf street or when he interpreted during several films Harley Quinnbut what did it achieve live action popular doll’s Mattel There is another story.

Now, there was a time when margot robbie He was not successful and it became difficult for him to get a job. Or at least, get it with current ease. and if i tell you this margot robbie went on to star in one of the most popular horror series in recent years, an anthology production produced by the legendary ryan murphy, Would your career have been very different from what it is now?

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Now Margot Robbie has won the highest-grossing film of 2023 with Barbie

Margot Robbie was going to star in American Horror Story: Asylum

Eric Dawsoncasting director of American Horror Story, hospitalThis is stated in an interview collected by deadline condition for which margot robbie He almost ended up being part of the cast of the second season of this self-produced horror anthology ryan murphy,Margot has many of the things that you look for in an actor. This is the most difficult part for those responsible for casting, especially now that many people do the tests online (…), Margot’s audition is one of my favorite auditions of all time, and it was right before she found fame. but i was already a star,

,He was already walking like a star when he entered the room. He didn’t get the role because when we saw him we asked ourselves: ‘This girl is a star, what shall we do with her?’ She was out of reach, there was no role for her,Casting director sentenced american terror History,

Seems like Eric Dawson not hired margot robbie because it was great, but yeah, American Horror Story: The Asylum starred in jessica lang And sarah paulsonbe able to add Lily RabeWho will play the role the actress auditioned for barbie, They all shined in their respective roles, here’s why margot robbie chain not finished ryan murphy It should be second.

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