The House of Celebrities: ‘El Potro’ received threats, that was the TRUTH of his “thunder” with Michelle Vieth; “they are going to kill me”

this week started ‘The House of the Famous’ and it has already begun to give something to talk about, because the contestants have begun to get to know each other and open their hearts, as was the case with louis knightbetter known as ‘The Colt’, who revealed that after receiving threats he ended his romantic relationship with michelle vieth.

After two years of havingthundered” with the television actress, the former contestant of ‘Acapulco Shore’ he still remembers her fondly and said he was happy that she had resumed her artistic career after her ex-husband Christian Aparicio, I would have “blocked” it completely without letting it work. “I had it in the trunk“said the also influencer in a conversation with Edward Rodriguez.

El Potro ended up with Michelle Vieth for this reason

While they were exercising, the artists were talking and that’s when ‘El Potro’ confirmed that he received threats from Michelle’s ex-partnerwhom, according to his statements, he also intimidated. “Her ex-husband got out of control, psycho, he has her very threatened“, Said the artist who now competes in the reality show.

“I was already of ‘wow, they’re going to kill me’, I changed my car (because) they threatened me, with a driver and so on,” said ‘The Colt‘, who started a relationship with Vieth in 2019when they were program ‘Your House TV’, However, after a few months they ended in the midst of rumors that the actress had “broken” with the MTV star to return to her former partner.

The also singer said that the difference in age and life experiences did influence, because we must remember that michelle vieth is 42 years old and has four children: Leonardo, Michelle, Cristian and Selika, while Luis Caballero is about to turn 30 and is working to consolidate his artistic career, which began thanks to the program ‘Acapulco Shore‘.


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