The House of the Dragon: privacy coordinator defends her work and responds to Sean Bean’s criticism

The fifth episode of The House of the Dragon – 90% arrived this Sunday on HBO Max and with each new chapter, fans are more hooked on this dramatic story centered on an important stage of the Targaryen House. Just like it happened in Game of Thrones – 83%, sex scenes have been recurrent in The House of the Dragonhowever, the handling of these has been quite different between both programs.

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While the two series are closely intertwined in their stories, The House of the Dragon continues to distance himself from Game of Thrones for having a more accurate method to direct their actors in intimate scenes. Miriam Luciaprivacy coordinator The House of the Dragonrecently addressed the stark difference between the prequel series and its predecessor, especially in terms of on-screen consensual and non-consensual sex scenes. Lucy said the following in a recent interview with dead line (via indiewire):

Game Of Thrones had a negative reputation, which they will admit, in terms of the press and the #MeToo movement, Emilia Clarke and other actors talked about how difficult and gratuitous it could be at times, and how much pressure they felt. So I think what you get on ‘House of the Dragon’ is not just a production team that’s sensitive to that, but you get a cast that’s very aware of it and careful about what they’ll accept. That precedent had been set.

The coordinator added that although the sexual scenes were something essential in the series, they could be managed with a better strategy and a sensitivity appropriate to current times, so that the cast members felt completely comfortable during the filming of these. . Her words were the following:

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[El contenido sexual y la desnudez] it’s part of the program, it’s part of the essence of what it is, but we’re in a new era. I was invited from the beginning to participate in rehearsals, discussions, readings, so that everyone knew who I was, and everything was open.

Likewise, Miriam Lucia criticized the comments of Sean Bean, star of game of Throneswhere he dismisses the role of an intimacy coordinator. beanswho plays Ned Stark during the first season of G.O.T.recently disparaged the use of intimacy coordinators on the set of The House of the Dragonsaying that this new practice would “spoil the spontaneity” of the sexual scenes (via indiewire).

In response to criticism of beans, Miriam Lucia he said that while he “loves him as an actor”, his perspective on the subject is outdated. The coordinator stated the following:

I just think he is a man of a certain age, who has been in this industry for a long time and has no experience on the other side. Or maybe he has had a bad experience working with an intimacy coordinator. All I would say is that based on my experience so far, I don’t think he gets in the way of the creative process.

Lucy clarified in the interview with dead line (via indiewire) that after the complications with the intimate scenes of G.O.T.HBO now has a new agreement stating that “if there is nudity or simulated sexual intercourse on their shows, then an intimacy coordinator is expected on set.” Furthermore, the presence of Lucy Not only has she been required in sex scenes, but she was asked to be on set during the intense and raw childbirth scene in the first episode, as Sian Brooke, an actress who plays Queen Aemma Arryn, felt that her “presence made her feel more comfortable” during filming.

Emily Carey, actress plays Alicent Hightower in The House of the Dragonrecently revealed how “scared” she was to film a sex scene with Paddy Considine (King Viserys Targaryen), who is 30 years older than her in real life. Tortoiseshell She assured that working with the coordinator was incredible, as it helped her prepare for the scene and feel safe (via indiewire). Miriam Lucia explained the following:

She basically said that she was so scared at that scene and without an intimacy coordinator she wouldn’t have known how to handle it. That was good to hear after Sean Bean’s comments about how intimacy coordinators ruin spontaneity. But I understand why she said that, because she doesn’t have the same experience and because this is a new role on the sets.

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