“The Hunger Games”, a very useless prequel Directed by Francis Lawrence

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – 5 points

(The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes /United States of America, 2023)


francis lawrence

script: Michael AMDT and Michael Leslie on the book by Suzanne Collins

Duration: 157 minutes

artist: Tom Blythe, Rachel Zegler, Viola Davis, Hunter Schafer, Peter Dinklage, Burn Gorman and Jason Schwartzman

Premiere in theatres.

About a decade ago, hunger games Happened harry potter And evening On the throne of cinema-friendly youth mega bestsellers of the moment. But in this trilogy there were no wizard children or impossible love triangles between wolf cubs, vampires and lovely maidens, but a fable with a scent devastated country Expressed in the brutal dynamics of the annual games of title.

To participate, each twelve districts The fictional Panem sent two representatives, and the winner – or winners, given that the hero was a jennifer lawrence is very strong Before that word was even used – he was the last one left alive. Anything from killing each other to forming alliances happened, and the action was broadcast live on television. This saga collides directly with Hollywood’s hypocritical humility To present youth violence graphically, but that autonomous world, despite being very similar to the “real”, gives a dramatic weight to the saga that is able to place it among the most interesting of the time.

he has lost interest Like a drop of bleach in a water tank Very bad prequel, Whose title is as long as its duration of two and a half hours. The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes something passes sixty years before the saga’s zero point And after a decade of rebellion Panem was divided into twelve districts, of which 1 was the richest and most powerful and 12, the poorest and most marginal. came from the latter Katniss Everdeen Lawrence’s. And this one is also from there lucy gray (Rachel Ziegler takes the industry by storm after her debut love without barriersOf Steven Spielberg), Who end up participating in games very different from the ones they knew, because here they are trapped in a closed space with the wind of the invasion map counter attack and was surrounded by cameras installed by the event’s director, Volumnia Gaul (Viola Davis), With the idea of ​​increasing the declining viewership. This is why the public can send medicine or water as donations.

The passage comes from another narrative Coriolanus Snow (nondescript galancito tom blyth The character who was a Machiavellian president in the previous installments and here, is a very responsible student who tries to keep his family alive while dreaming of going to college. For this, of course, you need money and to meet the new requirement that your “tribute” (as it is known to the players) be the winner. What a great task he would have before him with Lucy. Unlike Katniss, she is short and does not possess the qualities of bravery. Neither does Lawrence’s stage presence. The only thing she has going on is her voice: as if she were Julie Andrews. Sound of MusicShe solves everything, wins the public’s affection and even He saves his life with his a cappella songs. The possibility that the work is paralyzed by its melodies is less credible than it is, logical in a universe ruled by violence. Xavier Miley in cuddly kitty mode Of the last few weeks.

but it’s a game secondary, Or, at least, it’s not its central point. songbirds and snakes song, A problem, since the idea of ​​a group of teenagers killing each other for pure television enjoyment was a central narrative pillar of the saga. The movie displays relatively quickly. young hunt – which doesn’t have even a tenth of the previous brutality – to delve deeper into Snow’s inner layers and dilemmas, to outline what it would be like His transformation from university applicant to president with messianic overtones. What used to be a somewhat obvious political allegory but which was played on the “displayed” side, here becomes a superficial approximation of how power is constructed.


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