The Hunger Games’ Rachel Ziegler details meeting Jennifer Lawrence

9. To prepare for the physically demanding role, Lawrence adopted various workout methods.

“It’s a lot of training but the training is really fun,” he told MTV News. “I did archery for about six weeks, and did rock climbing, tree climbing, sparring, running and vaulting. But also did yoga and things like that to stay cat-like.”

10. Lawrence had an accident on the last day of his six-week training program, crashing into a wall during a practice which almost delayed production.

“I ran over it and my foot wouldn’t go up, so I grabbed the wall with my stomach,” Lawrence revealed. hollywood reporter, “My instructor thought my spleen had ruptured. I had to get a CAT scan and go in with a tube where they put this fiery fluid into your body.” Fortunately, nothing was broken and the injured Lawrence was able to carry on.

11. Hutcherson also trained extensively before filming, telling Collider in 2012, “I’d never really done that for a movie. I gained about 15 pounds of muscle, so a lot of protein from eating chicken. And got a lot of protein, a low-carb diet.”

12. As for Hemsworth, he revealed of his older brother, thor‘S Chris Hemsworthgave him some amazing advice to prepare for the film.

“My brother messaged me before the shoot and asked me to lose weight,” Hemsworth revealed. hollywood reporter, “He said, ‘It is said hunger gamesNot the eating games!”

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