the husky Kola is now looking for a new home –

from Alessandro Vinci

happened at the JFK in New York, to give the alarm a security officer. Those responsible for the incident will also have to answer for it before the law

They thought they could take the family dog ​​on the plane, but once they arrived at the terminal they were informed of not having prepared all the necessary documents. Instead of postponing the holiday or calling a trusted person to deliver it to before take-off they have therefore thought well of tie it to a pole outside the airport and leave anyway, leaving it in the cold. As much as it may leave you astonished, what happened last November 19th at Jfk of New York, where the specimen – a husky who was given the name of Kola – was found by a security officer who immediately alerted the police.

The actions of this family have left us without words – declared the volunteers of the New York Bully Crew, the organization that then took charge of the four-legged friend -. Even a dog is a member of the family and abandoning him due to a truly deplorable mistake. a shame. In the meantime, the authorities have already revoked the ownership of the animal from those responsible for the incident, which they will also have to answer to the law.

Kola, who is currently in a Brooklyn shelter, therefore seeks a new accommodation
: a beautiful, adorable and obedient sweetheart – reads the New York Bully Crew Facebook page -. Love all people and other dogs too. a little confused about what’s going on, and rightly so. We would like him to go to a foster family, or directly into a home that you love forever. After what he has been through, there will certainly be no shortage of requests for adoption.

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