The ideal hair dye for any age made fashionable by celebrities

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Do you want to renew the image of your hair and you don’t know what look you could use? Well, surely you will be interested to know what is the ideal hair color for any age and that the famous ones became fashionable.

It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s, this new color suits any mane, which has become a trend and has achieved great popularity and acceptance since the fall season.

Emma Roberts was one of the first to use it, followed by other Hollywood celebrities such as Margot Robbie, who have joined this trend to show off attractive blonde hair, full of life and color.

What is the ideal hair color for any age?

ANDhe ideal hair dye for any age and that fashions became fashionable is nothing more and nothing less than tiramisu blondewhich is characterized by a soft gradient with roots in the range of brown tones, as well as having blonde tones from mid-lengths to ends.

According to Emma Roberts’ stylist Nikki Lee, the name of this look comes from the fact that the dark roots are reminiscent of the top layer of tiramisu cake, while the bright blonde that is worn from the mid-lengths to the ends resembles the color of the hair. mascarpone cheese inside the famous dessert.

For his part, Luis Miguel Vecina, Coolday’s master colorist, explains that the color is achieved by working with balayage highlights and marking the ends with shades that give it a spicy touch, between warm golds and vanilla blondes.

Then a root is created that is darkened with a “natural demi-permanent” coloration to prevent the cut generated by a conventional dye from being appreciated as the hair grows.

As explained by specialists, the tiramisu blonde dye It is an excellent option for your economy and for people who are enemies of going to the beauty salon frequently, since this look requires little maintenance, and therefore, your hair will be less damaged.

And it is that by keeping the hair root of your natural color or a dark tone, you will not have to go to the salon regularly for a touch-up. In this way you can let your hair grow naturally at the same time that you let the blonde stay only at the ends.

So now you know if you are looking to renew your image, the blonde tiramisu It is an excellent option, which will remain a trend throughout 2023._ With information from Cosmopolitan

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